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04-24-12 | Posted by

If you are in the mood to spoil yourself silly, stop by a Natura Bisse  counter and try some of their signature celebrity coveted formulations. One of the all time must-have’s of this luxe international spa range from Barcelona is the skin-glowing Glycoline.  With a high concentration of glycolic acid and natural alpha hydroxy acids, this uber popular range will turnover dead cells to reveal a smoother, softer, healthier skin tone and texture. No wonder it’s on so many A-list celebs ‘can’t live without’ lists – like Nicolette Sheridan, Oprah, Madonna, Beyonce, Faith Hill, and more beauties.

Say goodbye to blackheads, grime and debris with weekly use, and it can be used for oily skin and mature skin, as well as any skin type. You will know it is working because you may feel a little tingling.  The heavenly clear gel formula spreads nicely all over your face, neck and chest and a little goes a long way. For a department store brand, all the products in the Natura Bisse Glycoline contain high levels of actives so your skin will not just feel good, it will look good and for longer too.

For newbie peel-ees, Natura Bisse has the classic Glyco Peeling ($140) that gently exfoliates. But if you’re a hardcore exfoliator, the Glyco Extreme Peel ($245) is the way to go. The whole home peel process takes less than half an hour from start to finish. After cleansing your face, massage 14 pumps of the Glycopeel on your face, neck, décolleté, even hands and arms. Leave on for about 15 minutes and gently wash away with a sponge or soft wash cloth dipped in warm water. You will feel the difference in your skin instantly, and with regular treatments, it just keeps getting better.

You can find the whole Natura Bisse collection at a Neiman Marcus near you, Bergdorf Goodman, Harrod’s, and at some of the world’s most luxurious spas including the Wilshire and Agua Spa at the Sanderson. naturabisse.com



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