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06-03-09 | Posted by


Smart Lipo, Smooth Lipo, Cool Lipo…..Give a Shout Out to SLIMLipo!


The newest crop of fat melting and skin tightening lasers has put a major dent in the number of tummy tucks being done these days. Something new on our radar is SLIMLipo, which stands for Selective Laser Induced Melting.  It’s a  laser device from Palomar that delivers dual wavelengths of energy specifically designed to liquefy fat in large areas faster —the device heats and tightens the skin from the surface and shrinks and melts fat underneath. The upside is less downtime, less bruising, more skin tightening, and only local anesthesia, which also makes for a quicker recovery than traditional lipo.  This laser melts fat – but at a very low wavelength compared to other laser lipolysis systems (and there are many out there) allows the SLIM™ Lipo to selectively dissolve fat with the efficiency of a scud missile. Greater accuracy makes for ease in targeting smaller, more delicate areas like chins and upper arms.

You can have SLIMLipo done on your tummy, waist, hips, thigh, knees, and buttocks too. Works for men and women, young and old. Perfect for a mommy makeover to redefine your waist, and to squeeze your hips into a fitted wedding gown.  www.palomarmedical.com

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