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08-13-12 | Posted by

We love NARS makeup, especially the eyeshadows, blushes and illuminators from the company founded by famed makeup artist François Nars. After all, how can you not love a brand with a bestselling shade called Orgasm? Now, the cosmetics company has revamped its NARSskin skincare range, launching a new 10 product collection that focuses on anti-aging and illuminating properties to create a perfect canvass for makeup application.

NARSkin is divided into three categories: Cleanse and Tone, Treat – Correctors, and Treat – Moisturizers. Highlights include Optimal Brightening Concentrate ($72), an advanced radiance-boosting serum that brightens and invigorates the complexion, and. Luminous Moisture Cream ($62), which replenishes skin with 24-hour hydration while restoring natural luminosity. After four weeks of trials, 30 study participants agreed that the Double Refining Exfoliator ($34), with natural citrus fruit acids and botanical exfoliating spheres, left their skin feeling soft. 97% agreed that the exfoliator was gentle and non-irritating on skin and believed their skin became healthier.

As a brand rooted in makeup artistry, it’s important that the skincare line reflect this legacy. François Nars grew up in the South of France, exploring all the fashion, cinema, and glamour that France had to offer. These inspirations—old Vogue magazines from his mother, Yves Saint Laurent’s classic style, glamorous movie stars like Catherine Denueve—coupled with his education from the famed Carita Makeup School in Paris, is what jumpstarted his visionary view on makeup today. A photographer, as well as a makeup artist, light plays a huge role in his work to transform complexions on and off camera.

That same approach, which helps make his makeup products so wonderful, can now be seen in the new skincare line. NARSskin features the proprietary Light Reflecting Complex, which utilizes ingredients to transform the skin and boost translucency. Using algae extracts and Polynesian seawater to optically enhance light—natural or not—every NARSskin product also promotes natural skin cell turnover as well as keeps skin moisturized.

In clinical trials, people enthusiastically reported to seeing brighter, smoother, and more resilient skin after using NARSskin products. They also pointed out that the makeup they put on afterwards blended more easily, applied more evenly, and lasted longer than before.

“NARS is about finding your own look that suits you best,” François says on the company website. “We offer possibilities, we never dictate.” His strong passion for his NARS products can definitely be seen in this new skincare line.

All products are available now at Saks Fifth Avenue stores and saksfifthavenue.com and everywhere else on August 15.

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