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02-16-17 | Posted by

In the beauty world, there’s always been lots of talk about pore size, but I’ve never paid much attention to it until recently when I noticed mine were no longer invisible. Small, large or somewhere in between, the size of your pores usually plays a role in whether you’re happy with your complexion, so I set out to arm myself with information about what I could do to get mine back on track and keep them in check.

“Pore size is determined by family history, level of sun damage and smoking,” says Montclair, NJ based, board certified dermatologist, Jeanine Downie. She recommends everyone wear year-round sunblock with an SPF of 30 every day, rain or shine, regardless of ethnicity. And she stresses that if you smoke, quit!. By being proactive you’ll notice an improvement over time. As far as in-office procedures go, Dr. Downie recommends the Intracel laser, which is a combination of mono polar and bipolar radio frequency with micro needling. She also likes the Fraxel laser, which helps to non-ablatively resurface the skin and decrease pore size. Both of these treatments have 2-3 days of downtime.

4 Ways to Make Your Pores Appear Smaller:

  1. Clean Them Out. Clogged or dirt-filled pores can cause inflammation that temporarily expands them. A facial and the use of pore cleansing products can help keep them from looking larger than they are.
  2. De-Shine: Oily, greasy, shiny skin makes pores appear even larger than they are. Mattifying products go a long way to keep you from shining a light on this issue.
  3. Tighten Them: Collagen and elastin declines as we age making skin less taut and pores look larger. Collagen-boosting products can make pores appear smaller again.
  4. Blur Them: A pore-minimizing primer with optical reflectors will make pores look visibly smoother. Choose an oil-free formula to help keep your pores clean.


Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask ($35) is formulated with activated Korean charcoal to tighten and detox, spearmint extract to improve pore elasticity, arginine to clarify, and Moroccan lava clay to exfoliate and firm. Apply to freshly cleansed face for up to 20 minutes before removing and massaging any residual serum into your complexion. Box of 5 single-use masks.



Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher ($84) gently resurfaces skin giving you the appearance of smaller pores and a brighter, more luminous complexion. Smooth it on clean skin before applying your moisturizer.



Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion ($84) contains ingredients that support collagen and elastin, improve hydration levels, help heal dry skin and infuse the skin’s surface with collagen amino acids. Over time, lines and wrinkles are diminished as skin gains more volume.



Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refining Primer ($45) should be used before applying your makeup for a smoother, more uniform, and perfectly shine-free finish. It mattifies on contact, absorbs excess oil, blurs imperfections and prevents makeup from clogging your pores. It’s Tea Tree Essential Oil helps unclog pores, Flaxseed Extract absorbs excess oil and reduces shine, and mineral-rich Microsphere powders diminish the look of large pores. It can be applied alone, after your moisturizer, before or after applying your makeup, and reapplied throughout the day if necessary.




NOTE: Products were tested in store. Opinions are my own. 

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