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05-16-13 | Posted by

The testing of cosmetics on animals has been a hot debate for years. The US allows it, but the European Union banned animal testing on finished products in 2004, and just this year, completed the process by banning the sale of cosmetic products with ingredients that were tested on animals. The EU regulators hope to set an example for other areas of the world.

Now, Sir Paul McCartney, a dedicated vegetarian (as is his daughter, designer Stella McCartney) has announced his efforts to back Cruelty Free International’s work for a global ban of cosmetic tests on animals.

“I have supported Cruelty Free International’s founding organization, the BUAV over the years with its campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals. I congratulate Cruelty Free International for succeeding in taking the cruelty out of beauty across the European Union. Together we have made a huge difference, yet animals continue to suffer because over 80% of the world still allows cosmetics testing on animals,” stated Sir Paul.

In addition to the US, other countries that permit animal testing include Australia, Korea, Japan, and India. Reportedly, China requires animal testing on all cosmetics that are sold in the country.

But that doesn’t mean that all or most products sold in those countries (except for China) have been tested on animals. Many companies, like Estee Lauder, have voluntarily phased out testing products on animals.

Sir Paul McCartney’s goal is to seek a global ban that ensures animals do not suffer for the sake of beauty anywhere in the world. He joins a roster of CFI celebrity supporters, including singer Joss Stone, and Global Ambassadors Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones fame, and comedian Ricky Gervais.


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