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The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion System is a non-invasive exfoliation treatment developed by Envy Medical. Skincare professionals use one of the specialized Pro Infusions, serums formulated to address a variety of skin conditions, which are infused deep into the skin for maximum effectiveness. SilkPeel works without the use of crystals or other chemical exfoliants.

The soothing treatment delivers results without harsh chemicals, needless downtime, irritation or inflammation. Within 30 minutes, SilkPeel’s wet exfoliation leaves skin smooth, hydrated, bright, and full of the youthful, healthy glow that patients desire. SilkPeel is exclusively offered through facilities with medical directors on staff.

About Envy Medical 

Envy Medical offers highly effective non-invasive skin rejuvenation therapies that target either dermatologic or aesthetic conditions. Envy Medica is the inventor of Dermalinfusion, and holds a series of interlocking patents covering the technology. The company also owns exclusive rights to a class of novel peptides.


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