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03-16-12 | Posted by

Crow’s feet and under eye circles can really upset a girl’s confidence. Shiseido takes on both of these beauty banes with the launch of two new treatment products.

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream ($55) gets to the root of the problem, targeting an enzyme called heparanase that is believed to trigger the formation of wrinkles like crow’s feet. Rich and balm-like, this new eye cream employs Shiseido’s WrinkleResist24 technology to smooth wrinkles and suppress their formation.

Using plant extracts and even algae, the WrinkleResist24 formulation counteracts the wrinkle triggering action of heparanase by suppressing the formation of wrinkle-inducing blood vessels. It also helps promote elastin, a key component of skin firmness. Other ingredients target the generation of collagen, sagging and loss of firmness around the eye area, and loss of moisture.

Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream ($55) addresses both causes of circles: pigmentation and poor microcirculation. The cream works to diminish tyrosinase, an enzyme that leads to melanin formation. Vitamin C works to brighten dark circles by hSelping block melanin formation and fading existing color. Vitamin E, hawthorn extract and rice germ extract brighten the eye area by improving microcirculation – an important fix for circles caused by too little sleep or too much partying. Also great for the morning after, is the inclusion of luminizing powder, which immediately lessens the appearance of dark shadows and fills in wrinkles.

Once you have your treatment issues under wraps, Shiseido wants to make sure you have the lashes you love. Shiseido Makeup Perfect Mascara Full Definition ($24) includes two different textures in its brush to give you the best volume, length and lash separation. The smudge-proof formulation is intended for multiple coats and is available in black and brown.

All three eye products are available now at Shiseido counters around the country as well as www.shiseido.com.


  1. fireworksandsparklers Says:

    I’ve found that some moisturizers are also pretty effective at what the Shiseido eye cream does. I’ve used the Lifeline Skin Care serum, and that also works for skin spots and fine wrinkles.

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