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06-07-16 | Posted by

You’ve probably packed up all your cool weather clothing by now — it is June after all! — and have been noticing lots of women strutting their stuff in leg-baring shorts, skirts and dresses. If your legs are still in hiding because you’re not ready to show them off, these tips for sexy, smooth, tanned legs will have you baring it with the best of them in no time:

EXFOLIATE: Dry, flaky skin definitely doesn’t equal sexy legs so a good sloughing is in order. One of my favorite ways to do it is with a nice pair of exfoliating gloves, easy to find at most drug stores. Simply add a bit of a moisturizing shower gel and gently scrub in a small circular motion to rid yourself of dead, dry skin cells. Another option is with a gentle body scrub. Here are some BITB favorites:

Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub Fruit Enzyme Polisher ($38) has a triple strawberry enzyme complex to cleanse, refine and refresh. It contains: Strawberry Fresh Cells to moisturize, tone, and purify. Strawberry Puree because it’s high in vitamin C, polyphenols, anti-aging ellagic acid, and nutritive minerals manganese and potassium. Strawberry Enzyme to brighten, nourish and improve problem skin and Finely Ground Almonds to gently exfoliate.



Bobbi Brown Beach Body Scrub ($38) uses orange peel and pumice to gently slough skin while sSea butter and a blend of essential oils add moisture. Your body will feel soft and silky and be lightly scented with the brand’s intoxicating Beach scent, a blend of sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin notes.



Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish ($67) contains brown sugar crystals to prevent moisture loss and gently buff away dead, dry skin cells, a blend of nourishing (WC), moisturizing and brightening oils and more to smooth, soothe and nourish all skin types.



TAN: Pale, pasty legs don’t equal sexy legs either but as you no doubt know by now, the only safe tan is a faux one. Use stay-put leg makeup or a self-tanner to get the job done:

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup ($13) is a water and transfer resistant product that gives you flawless looking legs in seconds without the sun, salon or streaking and easily washes away with soap and water. It’s light-weight and formulated with palmaria extract to enhance freckle, vein and imperfection coverage plus it helps in the microcirculation department for healthier, firmer looking legs.

It’s so great, that Sally Hansen has just partnered with PRIV (an app that makes it easy to book online beauty and wellness services in New York, NY, Hamptons, NY, Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX). When any PRIV beauty service is booked, you’ll also receive a complimentary professional application of Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs® Leg Makeup, applied by one of PRIV’s pros, who will also teach you how to use it with a step-by-step tutorial, plus a bottle of AirbrushLegs gratis.

PRIV pro Zann Parker‘s tips for a seamless application:

  1. For a guaranteed flawless application, make sure your legs are nice and moisturized, concentrating on the notoriously dryer areas such as the knees and ankles.
  2. Spray about a quarter size amount of product into the palm of one hand and rub them together.
  3. Then just start moving your hands up and down the legs using a circular motion.
  4. Repeat these two steps until you get the coverage you want! So simple and flawless- I love it!

*If you have any stubborn bruises or marks on the legs, once you finish applying the coverage you desire, lightly spray directly on the discolored spot.

*If you want to really glam the legs up after the legs are dry, take your favorite powder highlighter and dust the shin bone lightly with a fan brush. It gives such a subtle sexy added glow on top of your flawless legs.



Lancôme FLASH BRONZER Tinted Self-Tanning Leg Gel ($42) has self-tanning ingredients plus moisturizers for a natural-looking color payoff and healthy-looking results that last up to five days. The gel is tinted so you can easily see exactly where it goes while your tan is developing. Formulated with natural caramel extract and light-reflecting micro-pearls for a healthy-looking glow. It’s formulated to tone, smooth and protect with antioxidants and it has a wonderfully light jasmine/honey scent.




*NOTE: Products were sampled in store. Opinions are my own.

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