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12-19-10 | Posted by

Meet the Aromatherapy Expert

A rare blend of scientist, earth mother and aromatherapist, Sharon Christie founded Aromafloria in 1985, building upon her lifelong passion of focusing on the healing power of aroma. Aromafloria’s collection of bath, body and skin care products is formulated with aromatherapeutic essential oils, medicinal herbals and exotic botanicals. Infused with nature’s healing benefits, they remain authentic solutions in a marketplace overflowing with mass-produced brands. The collection is available at specialty stores and boutiques nationwide including Ulta and Douglas Cosmetics.


How did you get interested in aromatherapy?

As a student at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, I was awarded an internship with a prestigious team studying the folklore benefits of medicinal herbs collected from the Rainforest in Brazil and the rituals involved with the tribal people of the area. This rich experience inspired the journey into wellness and personal well-being with nature as the guide. I did graduate work in the field of olfactory sciences, which included sensory, food sciences and nutrition. I went on to work for Arthur D. Little & Company, a pioneer in the field of innovations, sensory sciences and food sciences, where I began to learn the industry and later became a “nose.” I became disillusioned with the direction toward more and more synthetic, chemical-based products in the industry and decided to begin my own natural body and skin-care company specializing in natural remedies and rituals for personal well-being. Convinced of the benefits of herbs and essentials oils through my own personal experiences and study since 1967, I founded Aromafloria in 1985.

What is aromascience?

Aromascience is a scientific art that combines ancient traditions with current clinical research to create pure, distilled flower and plant essences for well being. The unique therapeutic properties of distilled essences naturally relieve discomfort on physiological as well as psychological levels. Aromatherapy embraces the whole living being for a soothing, revitalizing experience that clinical studies are now revealing help to prevent premature aging from stress created by toxic emotions.

Do you use USDA organic certified ingredients in all your products? Why are these important?

In an effort to create optimum synergy between man and nature, we advocate the use of natural and organic ingredients. Aromafloria uses USDA certified organic ingredients in all our products. We are a USDA/NOP certified organic facility by CCOF and adhere to the rigid protocols for manufacture. We feel that this sets the bar and gold standard for operation and a philosophy for safer, non-toxic ingredients for all living beings. Today more than 90% of raw materials used by manufacturers to produce cosmetic, household and consumer products are made from chemically processed, synthetic, petroleum derivatives. Consequently, the processing of these raw materials causes pollution of our water, earth and the very air we breathe. It is these issues that seriously threaten the health and well being of all life forms. We believe aromatherapy/aromascience concepts have emerged as a vital link to support our personal and planetary well-being. The relationship between the environment and our personal well-being is evermore in the forefront of the consumer’s mind and that is why we have undertaken a green approach to provide clean ingredients that are produced following the 24 principles of green chemistry to offer a truly progressive approach to beauty and wellness along with planetary preservation.

Can aromatherapy help ease conditions or ailments like headaches or insomnia?

Aromatherapy is a very powerful remedy that through a “whiff” can ease conditions like sinus headache and insomnia. It is through the intricate molecular structure of the essential oils that interface with the olfactory cells of the nose, where the vapors are absorbed and start a very sophisticated cascade of reactions that send a chemical message via nerve impulse to turn on or turn off various receptors that result in feeling better in seconds. The basis for this process is still somewhat of a mystery. There are three stages – reception, transmission and perception.

What is your beauty product philosophy?

ENHANCE, IMPROVE & PRESERVE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN! My beauty philosophy is simple – the skin must breath so it must be clean at night before going to bed. Skin must be nourished and fed with nutrients particularly at night since this is when the skin gets repaired and prepared for the next day. The morning is the time to tone, hydrate and protect with sunscreen that contains natural UVA to protect against photo-aging. The REGIME HAS TO BE SIMPLE AND QUICK. The results and benefits are radiant soft plump skin – not tired looking or dehydrated.

I’m constantly searching out and experimenting using natural products to promote wellness and beauty – exploring the natural treasure chest that Mother Nature provides. I’m very mindful when selecting an ingredient for our formulary to insure that it is harvested in a sustainable, fair trade and renewable fashion. For example, I do not use palm oil in our products due to the excessive land clearing of the Rainforest.  

Which herbs or essential oils have recently piqued your interest?

I am very interested in echium oil, rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 that provides vital protection and nourishes the barrier layer of our skin – the first line of defense against harsh chemicals and pollutants. I continue to be a big fan of tea tree oil and lavender because of their natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It seems today in our modern world of global connections we are more prone to respiratory diseases and a compromised immune system.

What’s in your bag?

I always have a Superstay Lip Color lipstick by Maybelline and a Clinique foundation. I carry Sinus Help Hydrating Mist to hydrate throughout the day and on flights. I also have Aromafloria Sinus Help Inhalation Beads and Healing Waters ® Anti-aging Lotion. 

What’s your favorite bag?

A Plinio Visona – an Italian bag that I have had now for five years and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It has my signature faux leopard design on one side and rich pearlized copper leather with a pocket on either side for easy access – one for my Blackberry and one for my I-Phone. It can carry my small computer for travel, has inside zippered compartments and is not the size of a suitcase!

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