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Posted by 08.18.09


Neutrogena Eye Quad

Photo Credit: Drugstore.com

NEUTROGENA NOURISHING EYE QUAD – I found the solution to getting that eye shadow look that you see in fashion magazines! It’s seriously a no brainer, even for someone like me who — believe it or not, having worked in beauty magazines, beauty PR and beauty marketing — has never, ever successfully pulled off the skill of eye shadow gradation. And just like that, I’m a master! I have this quad in three color palettes, and cannot wait to try on each. This clever little kit has fool proof instructions on the back, that teach the newbie how to perfect the art of eye shadowing for casual, day, or night looks. The colors aren’t overpowering and won’t create an overly made-up look. It’s a nice, subtle introduction to eye makeup if you aren’t into drama – of any kind.

FINAL VERDICT – BOB (BEAUTY ON A BUDGET) – Given that it comes with a free lesson in makeup application, this may be the best $10 you ever spend on your face.

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