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05-17-18 | Posted by

Dark under-eye circles tell the world that you are overtired.

They make you look worn, weary and frankly, not the best version of yourself.

Making matters worse, getting more beauty sleep doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Under-eye circles are among the hardest skin concern to address as the skin under the eyes is seriously thin, and as we age, they already thin skin grows thinner still. Eyelid lifts can rejuvenate the under-eye area, but surgery comes with a hefty price tag not to mention its own set of risks. Fillers may also play a role, but they do confer risks namely bruising, swelling and allergic reactions, and risks are even greater when treating an area so close to the eye.

A serum or cream that really works is considered one of the holy grails of aesthetics, and many are out there – some which work better than others.

The Anatomy of a Dark Circle

Many different colors combine to create dark under-eye circles including red pigment from dilated blood vessels that sit close to the thin under-eye skin; blue and grey due to environmental damage and inflammation, and brown, which is attributed to melanin production. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its dark brown hue.

Add these colors together, and you’ve got hard-to-erase dark under-eye circles, says Manhattan-based double board-certified plastic surgeon David Shafer, MD, FACS.

For a topical product to work, it has to address all of the colors as well as all of the symptoms, and that is where Sente’s Illumine Eye Cream runs circles around the others, he says.

“We are not just putting something in to remove the pigment or make the skin swollen to hide the wrinkles, we are improving all aspects of the under-eye skin,” says Dr. Shafer at an exclusive launch event for Illumine Eye Cream. The Sente product line is based on the science of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). All Senté products are formulated with Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA), a patented low molecular weight heparan sulfate analog, which is a vital component of the skin and provides structural support to the extracellular matrix, the largest component of normal skin.

Dr. Shafer, who uses the cream himself, says it will improve skin color around the eye and enhance the overall look of the skin in this delicate area in about two weeks with regular use. The full Sente product line is only available at physician’s offices. Find a provider near you here.

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