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11-23-16 | Posted by

I recently read an article in The New York Times on how shared spaces like hotel and apartment lobbies, hallways and gyms are being infused with scent as a means to seal the deal with potential customers, buyers and renters and keep them coming back for more, and science supports the reasoning behind this. Since our sense of smell has a direct link to an area in our brain that’s strongly associated with emotion and memory, the perfect pleasing scent can make you feel happy, comfortable and right at home.

Doesn’t it make sense then to make sure your home smells as wonderful as it could? “One’s sense of smell should be included in the sensory experience of a specific place,” says Jon Bresler, President and Founder of Lafco, a luxury articles and fragrance brand with house & home and body care collections, though he believes in switching things up seasonally. “In the hot summer months it would make sense to want to fragrance your home with something bright, clean and crisp. And in colder months one might want something warmer and more enveloping – during the winter in New York City, where I don’t have a fireplace, I tend to only burn our Feus de Bois/Ski House Candle ($60) – it smells like a 400-year-old fireplace in a ski chalet – a place I would love to be.” Wouldn’t we all! But this certainly drives home the point that with the right home scent, we just might feel like we are there.

To keep your home scent from becoming overpowering or cloying Bresler suggests you “choose home fragrance products with a high natural essential oil content since products with large components of natural extracts produce more nuanced, less sticky or cloying scents.”

Infuse your home with candles, diffusers, sprays and more:

Archipelago Smoked Ashwood Wooden Boxed Diffuser ($39) looks pretty cool when displayed and the blend of Tobacco, Myrrh, Rich Amber, Black Vanilla and more make for a warm, comforting scent that lasts for several months. The way it works is the fragrance oils soak up and saturate the round wooden cap to infuse your room with the scent.



Lafco Mini Diffuser in Tree ($65) is a warm, green fragrance that can be made stronger if desired by reversing the reeds after their initial absorption. Fragrance oils of pine needles, spruce, balsam fir, and incense surround you with a modern Christmas tree fragrance you’ll love all season long.


Nest Pumpkin Chai Scented Candle ($64) is encased in a beautiful glass vase that can do double duty to hold flowers later on. It smells out-of-this-world good thanks to notes of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, and is made with a premium, soft, highly refined, cosmetic-grade wax to optimize burn and fragrance diffusion.



Le Labo ‘Santal 26’ Home Fragrance Spray ($125) is the perfect blend of amber, coco, vanilla, cedar, spices, musk and sandalwood. Spray it into the air, on the curtains or rug, or anywhere else in need of a quick and beautiful refresh.


Clean Warm Cotton Reed Diffuser ($32) envelops you in notes of Citrus, Lilac and Jasmine, Amber and Musk. It’s a relaxation-inspiring, comforting, clean scent that will make you feel right at home and happy to be there.




Note: Lafco and Clean home fragrance products were sent for review. Others were tested in store. Opinions are my own. 

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