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10-08-12 | Posted by

Keloid and hypertrophic scars may have emotional effects as well as physical ramifications. They can turn up as red, widened, raised and thickened scars that often appear on the ears, neck and other parts of the body and can be unsightly as well as uncomfortable. Although darker skin types are more susceptible to forming thick scars and keloid scars, it can happen to anyone and it is usually unpredictable. Some of the causes of keloid scars can be as benign as ear piercing or piercing in other places, insect bites, acne, and even minor cuts and scrapes, if you are one of the unlucky ones prone to forming nasty scars. Breast reductions, lifts, and enhancements, tummy tucks and facelifts can also result in hypertrophic scars that take many months to settle down, if at all. And you don’t usually know in advance that you are at risk until it happens.

A new breakthrough technology called CryoShape™ offers an innovative alternative to other methods of reducing the appearance of these disfiguring scars. Up until now, treatment for the most severe scarring has been limited to surgical excision, laser resurfacing, steroid injections and radiation therapy. With some of these treatments, the issue of possible recurrence was always a problem. In many case, multiple treatments were needed and results were variable. Developed by an Israeli plastic surgeon, CryoShape™ is a revolutionary in-office procedure that is now available in the U.S. for the first time. Performed only with local anesthesia, it works by freezing the scar from the inside out, using a probe that contains liquid nitrogen to penetrate deep tissues that are typically out of reach of the other scar treatments.

“I have experienced unprecedented success with CryoShape,” said Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, New York City Plastic Surgeon and the Medical Director of CryoShape Ltd. “I have been able to achieve dramatic reductions in the size and thickness of keloid and hypertrophic scars. Most importantly, the scars have not returned, even after months of follow-up visits. This is truly a breakthrough technology.”

The CryoShape™ treatment is simple, fast and you can leave your doctor’s office immediately following the procedure. Most people have reported an immediate alleviation of itching, pain and tenderness. The scar tissue is literally frozen and thawed, which blocks blood circulation to the unwanted tissue. 90% of patients require only one treatment and clinical results show that over 97% of patients have significant and measurable improvements without recurrence of the scar.

For more info visit cryoshape.com.

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