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09-01-11 | Posted by

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your skincare products don’t deliver the same dramatic results that they did when you first started using them? This phenomenon is not unusual, and in fact, has a name “skincare plateau.” Well, the DDF brand of skincare plans to banish “skincare plateau” with the launch of a new product – DDF Amplifying Elixir ($70).

The Amplifying Elixir is described as a universal pre-moisturizing treatment and works to boost your skincare regimen in two ways. First, it increases the skin’s hydration level and, second, it enhances the skin’s moisture barrier by up to 70%, according to clinical tests.

“DDF’s Amplifying Elixir is ideal for women who want to add a boost to their skincare routine,” stated Dr. Howard Sobel MD, the dermatologist who founded DDF. “It helps strengthen the moisture barrier, a critical component of the skin structure.”

The secret moisture boost comes from the ingredients, which includes a special type of botanicals called Recentia. Rather than use traditional plant extracts, Recentia botanicals are considered “botanical cosmetic compositions derived from fractions of plant cell juice.” This means that the plant essences are derived from a solvent-free process that preserves the natural activity of the botanicals. Amplifying Elixir contains key Recentia botanical niacinamide as well as banyan tree, lotus flower and red clover.

The elixir is formulated for twice daily use after cleansing and before application of a moisturizer and can be used with a DDF product regimen or with another brand. It can be applied to face, neck and décolleté.

DDF Amplifying Elixir just launched and can be found online at www.ddfsincare.com, in addition to Sephora, Ulta and Dr. Howard Sobel’s Skin and Spa Cosmetic Surgery Center.

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