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01-08-11 | Posted by

Excerpted from Chattanoogapulse.com

Cover Story – Health, Wellness, Fitness, Beauty: New Year, New Options

Written by Janis Hashe

Beauty: Low Maintenance / High Impact

Few women (or men) have an hour every morning and evening for beauty routines. What are the fastest and most efficient ways to take care of your skin and do your makeup?

Though the choices in skincare are not only bewildering, but range in price from modest to astronomical, experts agree on two things: Beauty begins with great skin and great skin requires a lifetime commitment.

Wendy Lewis is founder/editor in chief of www.beautyinthebag.com and the author of 11 books on beauty. She offered the following advice on skincare:

“Choosing the right skincare for your skin type and major concerns is key to efficiency as well as saving money. A basic skincare regimen should include a daytime moisturizer with SPF15 or preferably SPF30, night-time treatment or moisturizer depending on your needs, separate eye gel or cream for day and night time use, and an exfoliating treatment to be used daily, every other day or once per week based on your skin and the product (microbead exfoliants can be used daily on most skin types, whereas more aggressive glycolic peeling agents may be used once a week for best results)…Add a specialty product based on your top concerns—sun damage or aging skin, acne or oily skin, or hyperpigmentation or discoloration…Stick with a regime for at least six weeks to see results, and be consistent by using it every day to reap the benefits.”….

If your skin’s in shape, how can you pare your makeup routine to basics—and still feel you look good?

Lewis says, “No one has enough time to do her makeup to perfection every day while taking kids to school, getting dressed and ready, and running to work, but everyone has time for some quick makeup fixes that are a must. Start with concealer to cover blemishes, scars, imperfections, dark circles. Use a brow pencil to fill in light spots and shape brows to frame the eyes. Add a few strokes of neutral-toned eye color on your lids, use a soft smudgy pencil in outer corners and dot along lower lashes. Finish with a few coats of great mascara. Mineral makeup saves time too, since it includes sun protection. Brush on some mineral-based foundation all over your face, neck, chest for subtle touch of color. Apply a moisturizing lip color in a wand or brush to lips, and you’re good to go.”….Sounds like good advice overall for the New Year.

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