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05-29-14 | Posted by

If you’ve wanted to schlep your body lotion across the world but hesitated because of its physical semi-solid state, COOLA now offers an innovative option.

Its Body and Hand Lotion Bars come in circular tins and are solid; an easy fix for when you’re traveling. The bars are solid at room temperature and come in a variety of scents including cucumber melon, grapefruit peppermint, lavender chamomile, orange patchouli, and unscented. At $22 for the Body Lotion Bars, which are bigger, and $12 for the Hand Lotion Bars, you might think they are a bit pricey but because they’re in solid form, a little bit goes a long way.

A little bit of the lotion bars, when rubbed into the skin, absorbs quickly and leaves no oily residue. All bars are formulated with shea butter, organic beeswax, and other natural oils including almond and avocado oils as well as vitamin E.

COOLA, the brand, is known for its organic sun care, and it features everything from mineral sunscreens to sport sprays that go beautifully on the skin. I have been a long-time fan, which is why I wanted to see how the lotion bars measured up. On a recent trip to Greece, I stocked up on tins of the hand and body lotion bars and they lasted me well over several weeks (I used up a very tiny amount of each). My only pet peeve was that the solid format meant that I had to really rub it considerably to dispense a bit of product but you could also cut the bars into small bits and then use that on your skin.

The scents too are beautiful and never cloying. There are a few other beauty brands that offer body lotions in solid form (LUSH Cosmetics is one of them) but I love the fact that COOLA’s version comes in retro-style tins that also double as mint or pill boxes.

I would definitely recommend this product for all skin types, especially the dry-skinned jetsetter who doesn’t want to schlep traditional moisturizers around.

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