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Popular RHOBH star Kyle Richards, the 45-year-old mom of four and wife of real estate titan Mauricio Umansky, is also aunt to Paris and Nicky Hilton and author of Life Is Not a Reality Show. The actress and entrepreneur has also had many high-octane, on camera blow-outs with her sister Kim Richards as well as cast mate Lisa Vanderpump. And she is back for season five. The new season, which premieres Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 9 p.m. on Bravo, includes the addition of two new housewives — soap opera stars Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson — and is poised to be explosive.

The raven-haired beauty talked to us about what’s to come in 90210 this season, her personal beauty secrets, as well as her recent diagnosis of chronic dry eye.

 Will Season five really be “drama-free” as has been alleged?

NO!!! This was a very intense season with way TOO MUCH drama. We just finished shooting and I am happy because I want to have peace in my life right now. Until it airs!

 What is one beauty product that you can’t live without?

The one beauty product I swear by is Benefit’s they’re real! mascara. Also, theBalm Hot Mama shadow/blush. And of course lip gloss. I never leave home without that.



Any other beauty secrets to share?

My beauty secret is exfoliating. I do a scrub on my face twice a week, as well as microdermabrasion once a month. I use a Clarisonic to keep my skin clean and get rid of dead skin cells. I also like to use a heavy moisturizer with Vitamin C to help reduce spots and improve appearance of fine lines without having to layer on ten different products.



Tell us about your chronic dry eye diagnosis.

Around the time of the first season of Housewives, I began to notice that my eyes were bothering me throughout the day. At first, I thought I just might be getting dehydrated, so I would drink more water. When that didn’t work, I noticed that I was using artificial tears several times a day, like when I was watching movies with my family or out to lunch with friends. So I kept a bottle of artificial tears stashed wherever I might need them — in my purse and different areas of my house. The condition seemed to worsen over time, so, eight months ago, I finally decided to see my eye doctor about this. After asking me questions and examining my eyes, he told me that I had Chronic Dry Eye disease, a condition that can be caused by decreased tear production due to inflammation. I was surprised because, although I had heard the term Chronic Dry Eye from seeing TV commercials about RESTASIS®, I didn’t make the association with what I was experiencing.

How has treatment made a difference in your quality of life?

Within the first six months of using RESTASIS®, I noticed that I was making more of my own tears. While this was my personal experience, other people should check with their doctor since individual results can vary. If you think you have Chronic Dry Eye, I encourage you to talk with an eye doctor, get diagnosed and see if RESTASIS® might be right for you. You can find an eye doctor in your area, as well as more information about Chronic Dry Eye disease, RESTASIS® and questions to ask your doctor at www.RESTASIS.com.




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