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Photo Credit: Sephora.com

Posted by 10.22.10

PRODUCT: Dior 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette

Although I’ve never really had the patience for eyeshadow, I could not resist Dior 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette. The elegant case and shimmering neutral colors within are characterized by a retro chic style. The look and feel of the palette is consistent with the “return-to-glamour” mindset that comes over me every fall, and was reinforced this season by some very inspiring fashion on Mad Men.

The five eyeshadows within the palette are nothing short of brilliant. The colors are gorgeous – an array of shimmering, neutral metallic shades that are wearable both day and night. The silky powders go on smoothly and impart a beautiful sheen, thanks to Dior’s unique Wet Reflect™ technology. Best of all, these shadows are long-wearing! After a long night celebrating a friend’s birthday, I went to wash off my makeup and spent a few moments admiring my eyes before lathering up.

The only area in which this eyeshadow palette may disappoint is price. These five eyeshadows sell for a whopping $58.  Although I suffered a bit of sticker shock, I ultimately decided that this palette, which is wonderful and will spend a year or so classing up my makeup bag, is worth it.

In spite of a hefty price tag, Dior 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette will add value and dependable glamour to your look for a long time.


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