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12-13-09 | Posted by

Renee 2

Meet the Dallas Biker Beauty 

When she isn’t running her skin care company, you can find Renee Rouleau on her 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster, with the wind blowing through her blond hair — but not without slathering on her sunscreen first. A Texan gal who calls the countryside home but also spends time in her Dallas digs has has been helping women there and beyond to attain healthy, glowing, beautiful skin for more than 20 years. The entrepreneur also founded National Skin Care Awareness Month, which takes place every September, to promote the importance of caring for and protecting the skin. We love when beauty gives back! 


What makes your approach to skincare unique?

As an esthetician working with skin hands-on for 22 years, I learned long ago that classifying my clients’ skin into the standard three types—dry, normal and oily—wasn’t working. Dry, normal and oily only addresses how much or how little oil their skin secretes. What if someone has adult acne, yet they have wrinkles? What about someone with rosacea that has hyperpigmention? I created my line of 70 products based on nine unique skin types to ensure my clients receive the results their individual skin needs. I blend the best of science and nature and do not use sulfates, SD Alcohol 40, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Isopropyl Myristate/Palmitate, and synthetic fragrances or dyes. The best part of owning two skin care spas is to be able to see our clients skin every month and see the improvements with our very own eyes—as well as hearing their positive feedback. That’s how we know the products really do work!

How did your grandmother influence your work in beauty?

I was introduced to the beauty business by my grandmother who owned her own beauty salon. She was an entrepreneur back in a day when most women stayed at home and the men went to work, so I learned long ago that a woman could do anything she set her mind to. I get my work ethic from her, for sure. I also observed how a woman would come in to her salon feeling down, and would leave glowing. I never underestimate how powerful looking good can positively affect a woman’s self-esteem. (This resulted in my life-long volunteer work with women who have been affected by domestic violence.) My grandmother was a very hard worker, a great people-person with a fun personality and I really admired that. She was my #1 fan.

What does the Dallas client want?

I just returned from a visit to France (my husband is French) and I did a French skin care investigation while I was there to determine who does skin better—Americans or the French? Hands down, Americans. I started my esthetics career in Boston in 1987 and moved to Dallas in 1996, so I have a good understanding of what Americans seek. But particularly in Dallas, women are very concerned with their appearance and they want to put their best face and best self forward, at all times. They want to look good. Women even get dressed up to go to the grocery store! They make caring for their skin a top priority since they know it’s their best accessory. When I have friends come to visit me, they can’t get over how beautiful the women in Dallas are, and I’m happy to do my part with their skin!

What are your hero products?

Vitamin C&E Complex-It’s a stable, no-sting formula that uses a time-released delivery system to diffuse the antioxidants deep within the skin for age-defying protection and skin brightening. It really improves the appearance of the skin. Our clients love it!

AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel-In 2007 it was named “Best Cleanser for Oily/Problem Skin” for the Allure Magazine Best of Beauty awards! It was such an honor! It’s sulfate-free so it won’t be drying to the skin, plus it has Lactic, Glycolic and Salicylic Acids so it’s very effective for reducing clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Anti-Cyst Treatment-This has been in my line for 17 years and still continues to be one of our best sellers. It’s formulated to reduce cystic acne that develops deep within the skin. I have received hundreds of emails and letters through the years from clients telling me how much this has helped their skin. It’s a true miracle.

What’s in your bag?

I have oily skin so I have a few packs of powdered rice oil-blotting papers.  Lancôme fever glosses in various colors (my fave). Blistex Complete Moisture (I’m a lip balm addict). Airborne for when I need a pick-me-up. My Palm Pre phone. Perlier White Almond hand Cream. Business cards in a pretty sterling silver case. Flash drives with all my back-ups (never leave home without them!) Versace sunglasses. Mentos chewing gum.

What’s next for the brand?

Continuing to come out with new products to add to the line. We have our Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel launching in January and we’re going to be coming out with trial-size starter kits for each of the nine skin types. We are getting more and more celebrity fans of the Renée Rouleau product line, so this gives us a lot of great media exposure. I’m currently working with Melissa Rycroft (Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, Good Morning America) to get her skin ready for her upcoming wedding. I’m also going to start shooting videos of me sharing skin care tips and giving product information to use on our website, Twitter and Facebook fan page.

Are you a mom?

I have a 23 year old stepson and a 14 year old stepdaughter. I love them!

What’s your favorite bag?

I recently purchased a Juliette Jake Crocodile Wrap and Wrap Clutch in red. It’s fun and edgy!

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