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Posted by 02.26.09


PHYTO PHYTODEFRISANT BOTANICAL HAIR RELAXING BALM– For those of you girls that want “wash and wear” hair that looks sleek and smooth without having to use a hairdryer, the Phytodefrisant Hair Relaxing Balm is for you.  I never blow dry my hair ever – really. I don’t even own one.  For years I have searched in vain for a balm or serum that is NOT heat activated that will allow my hair to dry sleek and smooth without weighing it down or making it greasy.  This product was recommended to me about a year ago, and it is now my hands down favourite hair product.  You use it after shampooing and conditioning – just put it in your hair and come it through. 

FINAL VERDICT - RDW (RUN DON’T WALK) – And voila.  Miracle hair!

2 Responses to “RELAX & DEFRIZZ!”

  1. MWC Says:

    This is amazing stuff! All natural and a light gel that works great for any hair type. The small size is a good emergency fix to throw into your bag!

  2. TBA Says:

    You inspired me to put this product on my shopping list…

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