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05-30-13 | Posted by

If you’re a redhead, you’re in luck. Brands are wooing your tresses!

Pureology has launched Reviving Red, an oil-infused collection with four products designed to restore, protect, and illuminate all shades of copper colored hair, from the Christina Hendricks-type flame red to the strawberry blonde locks of Drew Barrymore. Red is an alluring, fiery color, and one that has the potential to lead to a terrible hair day if not treated well.

The Pureology Reviving Red formula contains the vibrancy of red and copper, and is designed to give your hair the same solid red color, even after 30 washes, which is impressive by any standard. The oil infused formula features protective jaljala oil as well as the proprietary Oleo Antifade Complex that the brand is well known for. It also includes lycopene extract (from the tomato plant), which, of course, does a beautiful job on the fruit itself, to fight oxidation and fading. The anti-fade benefits imply that most women who will use Reviving Red will have color-treated hair. The formula also has sunflower oil to replenish the hair’s natural lipid layer, and sunflower seed extract to protect hair from free radical aggressors.

The idea behind Reviving Red is to use the zero-sulfate, oil-infused formulas daily, with the exception of the Red or Copper Color Enhancer, which is to be used weekly. Here’s what the collection contains:

Reviving Red Shampoil: Use this if you want glossy tresses, thanks to the oil-infused zero sulfate formula that seals the cuticle and reduces color fade. I love how emollient it is without weighing down hair like a ton of bricks.

Reflective Condition: Gently de-tangles and creates light reflecting lustrous locks. Leaves hair smooth and lightly fragranced.

Illuminating Caring Oil: This helps seal the cuticle and increase the vibrancy of red and copper shades.

Reflect Enhancer (in Red and Copper versions): This color-depositing conditioning treatment keeps red vibrant between salon visits.

As with all Pureology products, you can get them at authorized salons. Click here for locations.







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