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10-14-13 | Posted by

Tucked upstairs at the adorable Carlton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan is the colorful Caravan Stylist Studio where I met beauty stylist Valerie Star. I’m here to check out the innovative studio and of course to get my hair, nails, and face professionally made up for a night out.

Caravan Stylist Studio is divided into two wings: a professional studio for face, hair, and nails on one side with artful displays of nail polish, hair products, and all the makeup you would ever want. The other side is filled with racks of envy-worthy designer clothing. This appointment-only studio is geared towards actors, actresses (Taryn Manning from the hit Netflix show “Orange is the New Black” visited right before I got there!), musicians, bloggers, editors, and other creative people in the fashion and beauty industry for lifestyle events, fashion shows and shoots, film screenings, and more. Combining stylists and makeup artists with high-end cosmetic sponsors, Caravan can seamlessly “advertise, market, sample, [and] create content” across social media platforms and throughout the beauty/fashion industry.

Back at the appointment, I took no time in deciding what I wanted my nails to look like. Utilizing Zoya Nail Polish, I opted for a geometric design that Valerie hand-painted with grays, blues, and purples. While meticulously dotting and painting the design onto my nails, she told me that the family-owned nail polish company formulates their 300 polishes free of chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, dibutyl phthalate. And to boot, it’s vegan-friendly!

Next Valerie and I moved on to hair and makeup. My straight hair, which can never hold a style, became voluminous, wavy, and rock-star ready after a few tricks up Valerie’s sleeves (and of course, with the help of some style tools like Salon Grafix). I had always dreamed of casually-tousled beach-wavy hair and thanks to Caravan, can have it for the night.

When it comes to makeup, I’m normally a quick cat-eye with liquid eyeliner and a bold red lip kinda gal so I was interested to see how a “night out” look would work on me. After using DDF Skincare to tone and soothe my skin, Valerie glammed up my eyes using Pop Cosmetics, intricately combining different eyeshadow shades to create a semi-smoky eye that brightened and opened up my eyes. She kept the focus on my eyes by using a natural looking foundation and a nude lipcolor to finish.

All in all, the process was a blast and Valerie was great to hang out with during my makeover. If you want more information on these brands or the studio, check out CaravanStyleStudio.com, or its Twitter and Facebook page.


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