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07-28-11 | Posted by

Wei East, the fave skincare brands of HSN fans, has a new twist on firming. It’s just added black soy to its bestselling Chestnut line with the introduction of three new products. The delicate, inner lining of the Chinese chestnut has been used by Chinese women for generations in a closely guarded firming recipe. Luckily, for the last nine years, Wei East customers have also been able to share in the recipe via the brand’s Chestnut line.

Now the company has doubled the firming power with the addition of black soy peptides that combine with chestnut to deliver dramatic firming and lifting benefits. All products are produced in China using medical grade natural ingredients. The three new launches include:

Wei East Chestnut Extra Firming Cream ($56): A blend of Chinese chestnut, black soy seed, green tea and honey work to lift, firm and tighten skin. Overall tone and resiliency is improved.

Wei East Chestnut Firming & Contouring Pads ($25): These pads give a quick lift to skin immediately. The formulation reverses the appearance of age-related drooping and sagging while it improves tone and overall suppleness.

Wei East Chestnut Refirming Eye Treatment ($35): This blend of Chinese chestnut, black soy seed, seaweed and Chinese Angelica lift and tone drooping lids and brows while it naturally restores elasticity around the eye area.

The new products launch in September 2011 and will be available exclusively on HSN and at www.WeiEast.com.

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