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05-31-09 | Posted by


Are your skinny lips a 2? Or are they a plump perfect 5? The Merz Aesthetic Scales can show you how your pucker rates on a scale of 1 to 5.


Carefully designed by a group of leading physicians as an innovative tool to help cosmetic doctors communicate with their patients about the various areas of the face, these scales are becoming a state-of-the-art measurement for the effects of aging on skin. The Merz Aesthetic Scales provide a common language for both patients and physicians to assess how well they are aging (or not, as the case may be). 


There are 6 scales to date:

  • A Validated Brow Positioning Grading Scale
  • A Validated Grading Scale for Forehead Lines
  • A Validated Lip Fullness Grading Scale
  • A Validated Grading Scale for Marionette Lines
  • A Validated Hand Grading Scale
  • A Validated Grading Scale for Crow’s Feet 


So for example, let’s say when your doctor shows you the Merz Lip Fullness Scale, you think you are starting out at a petite 1 and you secretly desire to be a megawatt 4. In that case your doctor may tell you that to get there will require 4 syringes of hyaluronic acid filler or 100ccs of fat taken from your thighs. You may rethink your request down to a 3 or 2, which may be more reasonable and realistic for you. Whatever the outcome you agree on, instead of just telling your doctor you want “fuller lips”, the Merz Aesthetic Scales will alow you to point to what you want so that your doctor can advise you properly. It’s a great concept.  The same rules can be applied to forehead lines, wrinkled hands, droopy brows, corners of the mouth, and crow’s feet.  

The end result is that for the first time patients and doctors are speaking the same language, comparing apples to apples, so there can be less confusion, misunderstanding, and disappointment when it comes to having injectable treatments like fillers and neurotoxins. Go Merz!

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