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08-11-11 | Posted by

Want pretty, soft, moist lips?  Check out the new EXUDE Lipstick- the modern’s girl’s answer to gorgeous lips. We got excited to hear that uber glam Rachel Zoe was the brand ambassador and made a trip to the launch at New York’s Plaza Hotel. Rachel was all aglow looking flawless (and so tiny – I bet my purse weighed more than she does).

The EXUDE difference is simple but smart; you can dispense the perfect amount with a few twists and no waste, and the unique clear plastic dispenser won’t break off like so many creamy lipsticks do. No mess, no fuss, just glossy lips every time. The case is matte white, stark and modern, which is a nice change from the classic black lipstick cases that are overflowing from my makeup case.

Exude comes in 9 luscious lip loving shades – we love the Bronze, Nude and Coral best. These are the most neutral and skin flattering shades that anyone can wear. The Exude makeup artist suggested that I layer the Bronze and Nude and she was spot on. The lipstick is more like a gel formula that contains vitamins C and E so it is extra emollient. There are also 4 shades of gloss to wear alone or as a finishing touch, plus a clear gloss. The lipsticks are very creamy and shiny on their own, but if you are really into a sheer, lighter look, the gloss might be your new BFF.  If you are obsessed with the red lip revival trend, there is a great true Red lipstick and a Scarlet Red lip gloss that will deliver some major drama for evening. I think I detected a subtle hint of mint too that is rather refreshing.

At the moment Exude is an online only brand. We are sold and look forward to seeing what’s coming next from the Exude camp.  Visit the site to try on all the shades and pick the best one for you – just upload your own pic or click on one of the models who has your skin tone, hair and eye color to try it on.  exudelipstick.com $29 each, free shipping on order of $50+

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