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09-13-11 | Posted by

We are OBSESSED with Nails Inc. – fresh from London, this kitschy High Street brand has come across the pond with 42 shades of stunning varnishes to choose from. From matte to shimmery shades, crackle topcoats, jewel toned beauties and rich glitter that smacks of the 80s club scene on Carnaby Street, the collection has something to make every mani proud. We love the ones named after London streets and neighbourhoods like Westminster Bridge Matte Effect Top Coat and Kensington Caviar Top Coat and Base Coat – they add a touch of fun and whimsy to the task of painting your nail and toes. Some of our faves are Wellington Square – a peachy neutral, Cadogan Square – a subtle beige, and Old Park Lane – a rosy metallic. The Colour Collection in Neutral gives great value for money – $25 for $38 worth of 4 great shades, and would make a perfect gift to cheer up any girl. If you want your mani to get noticed, there is plenty of bling to go around with the Crystal Colour range with faux diamond encrusted bottle tops. Check out the Thames (a dark gray) for a reminder of the muddy water in the famous river that runs through Londontown or the ominous clouds that gather just before it pours.

The best part of Nails Inc. London is that the polish lasts well, doesn’t chip in a day or so like so many other brands, and puts a smile on your face. Nails Inc. was created by the uber clever Thea Green, a former fashion editor.  Find Nails Inc. exclusively at Sephora and sephora.com – starting at $9.50 each.

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