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The summer before I went off to college, my high school friends and I would blast Prince on the radio or boom box (Yes. I’m dating myself!). We jammed to Little Red Corvette, shouting out the lyrics with great enthusiasm as only uninhibited teen-aged girls can do. When Purple Rain hit theaters, I watched it in my college-town’s dive bar turned temporary screening room while I nursed a nickel beer. I soon memorized every word of the title song.

Today’s date is Thursday, April 21, 2016. It was confirmed by his publicist that Prince was found dead in his home earlier today. I changed my clothes and slipped into something purple to show my respect. Every time I wear something purple in the future, it just might remind me of my more carefree days and how much fun, joy and freedom and love he spread throughout the world. It will remind me of the days when I was surrounded by my childhood friends and sang his beautiful songs at the top of my lungs…out of tune.

In honor of the one and only iconic musical god, Prince, here are 5 of my picks for perfect purple beauty products that most certainly do reign:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Secret Love ($18 each), an opaque eggplant purple just might be my new nail staple. It’s said to be as shiny as 30 coats of lacquer and is formulated with patented bonding agents that deliver a plasticized, wet look and vivid, chip-resistant color.

Givenchy Gelée D’Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine in Electric Purple ($32) is a sheer purple with opalescent micro glitter. This utterly gorgeous balm is formulated with cane line oil to soothe, hydrate and support natural cell turnover, dehydrated hyaluronic micro-spheres to plump lips and fill in fine lines for an immediate smoothing effect, and Vegetal Extract for long-lasting revitalizing and additional smoothing.

Diorshow Mascara in Purple ($27.50) takes the brand’s best selling mascara to a whole new level thanks to its conditioning formula that’s enriched with microfibers. It has an XXL Brush that was inspired backstage at shows and helps give lashes the lash extension look as it keeps lashes smooth and adds additional volume.

Foreo Luna mini in Purple ($99), used twice daily with any cleanser will thoroughly yet gently cleanse your complexion due to T-Sonic™ pulsations channeled through the tool’s soft silicone touch-points. This gadget will remove dead skin cells, unclog pores of dirt, oil, and makeup residue and also enhance the absorption of skin care products for brighter, more luminous skin. It’s suitable for all skin types. If your skin is oily use the side with thicker touch-points. If your skin is sensitive or dry stick with the thinner touch-point side and if you have combination skin use it strategically where needed.

Sephora Collection Ribbon Hair Ties ($9) are no-tug and color coordinated. Any of these in this set of eight will look just as sweet around your wrist as they would pulling your hair back, plus you’ll love that they’re so comfy and will never leave creases behind.


*All products were sampled in store. Opinions are my own.


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