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06-07-09 | Posted by


Because of a dermatological laser disaster a few months ago in Canada (still reeling from the experience!) but brand shiny new dermatologist (who I love) has given me this totally new skin cream to use that helps with melasma and discoloration on the skin.  The problem is that the base of the cream is really oily which is leading to congestion on my face.  So, I needed to find some skin care products that could help counterbalance the congestion caused by the new product.  At my local “beauty place” – where all or most of the therapists and stylists are gay and extremely knowledgeable about what works for what (and they love it when my hunky husband comes in) – they recommended that I try the Dermalogica line.  I am now totally hooked and you will be too!


Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant I love how gentle and effective this mini scrubt is.  Because I am prone to hyperpigmentation, my skin is super sensitive and I have to treat it very carefully. It cleans my skin, isn’t abrasive, but seems to really help unclog my skin. Great, gentle and effective for congested skin. One should by this product just because it is cool and it isn’t liquid – so it isn’t part of your liquid travel quota.

Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse: This products just sucks the “crap” out of your skin  Since I am using a congesting product for my melasma right now, it was recommended that before I cleanse, I use this pre-cleanse.  It has helped a lot.  Before using this in conjuction with a cleanser, my skin was pretty congested.  It has been improving steadily, and is almost back to normal.  It apparently is also great as a make up remover. Using this as part of a two step facial cleansing system will rock your socks off!

Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque: In the relentless pursuit of unclogging my skin, this is the final stop. As you might see in other posts, I have been using Dermalogica products to wage a war against congestion in my skin as a result of a product I am using to help with my melasma.  I love this stuff.  It really does seem to yank congestion right out of the skin.  It is light, doesn’t irritate, and doesn’t dry out your skin.  A real winner for me.  The war CAN be won on congestion!


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    dry skin…

    Skin Care & More…

  2. CeeGee Says:

    I love Dermalogica! I have just started reviewing stuff and did one for Daily Microfoliant which I really love! I also use precleanse which is next on my list for reviwing! Thanks for the above – I agree wholeheartedly and am a dermalogica convert! The place I get my stuff is really cheap – Jersey Beauty Company Thanks! x

  3. PianoMan Says:


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