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Posted by 09.02.09

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara - I was so excited to buy this mascara because it was finally a vibrating wand that I could afford, and I even had a $5 coupon for it at Duane Reade. So I bought it and rushed home anxious to try it because I was going out. Unfortunately, the results were not as exciting as the walk home. There is not a consistent, ongoing vibration– you have to hold down a button on the top of the wand, and when you let go or shift your finger, the vibration stops. The on-and-off vibration doesn’t really help to prevent clumps either. Also, the product lengthens (it doesn’t add fullness or curl), but it doesn’t reach all the lashes because the brush is so thin. I couldn’t reach the inner corners of my eyes because if I move my hand, the vibration stops. Soooooo frustrating!

FINAL VERDICT – SYC (SAVE YOUR CASH) - Overall, for me this mascara was quite a disappointment. The $15 price tag is great for low budgets and half the price of the premium vibrating brands, but the lengthening-with-clumping is definitely NOT a bang for your buck. I guess I’m just going to have to steal my mother’s Estee Lauder Turbolash or Lancome Oscillating mascaras when she isn’t looking. LOL


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