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02-14-11 | Posted by

Beautyinthebag’s Editor in Chief Wendy Lewis queried some of the best lip injectors around on their secrets for creating gorgeous lips with dermal fillers…
The most widely used lip fillers in U.S. are the hyaluronic acids – Juvederm-XC, Restylane-L or Perlane-L (www.restylaneusa.com), and Prevelle Silk (prevelle.com). They can be reversed if you are not happy and last up to a year, depending on how much you have done. These products also contain lidocaine, which helps take the sting away because the lip area can hurt a bit. Fillers are the treatment of choice for lip plumping, but Botox and Dysport also play a role in restoring youthful looking lips. Botox® and Dysport will help the muscles relax and hide your gums when you smile broadly. Although most women start with enhancing their upper lip, the lower lip may benefit from some filler too. It also serves to balance out your lips to make the overall appearance less obviously injected.  If you choose to have your own fat suctioned out of your hips and put into your lips, you can expect a much longer recovery, swelling and bruising, but it can last very well.

Dr Heidi Waldorf says:

“Stick with hyaluronic acids in the lips themselves.  Avoid duck lips by limiting fill on the edges.  For the young woman without lipstick creep lines who wants a fuller pout, I stick to the ‘pillows’ of the upper and lower lip.  You get a lovely natural eversion (curving upward).  For the woman whose primary complaint are those lines around the mouth, I use a tiny thread of filler in the vermillion (white) border of the lip to spread out the accordian pleats.  If the lines themselves are deep enough, they can be filled also, but I’m anxiously awaiting the fda approval of belotero which will be able to be placed more superficially than our current hyaluronic acid products.  For the woman who doesn’t want a bigger lip but wants to fix the permanent frown (I call it turning the frown upside down), injecting above and below the sides creating struts toward and into the cheeks will show off more of the lip she has without increasing its size.”

Dr Jeannette Graf says:

I feel strongly that in order to create a beautiful full lip it is essential to maintain the unique lip shape that everyone has.  This also creates a natural lip – keeping the natural symmetry that each person has that defines their look.  I use only hyaluronic acid injections in the lip – Restylane, Juvederm and Perlane.  I inject along the vermillion border of the lip accentuating the philtrum columns and cupids bow to enhance the shape.  Next I enhance the fullness of the lip by augmenting the inside or meat of the lip to create a pout.  It is essential that the lip maintain its proportionality so that the appearance of the face is unchanged – only enhanced.  Whereas I used to inject the “meat” of the lip directly into the lip, more recently I have found that injecting from outside of the vermillion border into the lip is much more tolerable with less bruising and yields excellent cosmetic results.

Dr Brooke Jackson says:

“A beautiful smile can light up a room, just as an untintended  frown can turn people away from you.  as we have birthdays (the gentle way i bring up aging) the corners of the lips tend to turn downward leaving the patient to look unintentionally sad or mad at rest. most patients wont bring this up as an issue, but once you point it out and correct it patients love it. it is very subtle correction but much appreciated.  i like to use Restylane , usually whatever is left over from injecting another area of the face , it doesnt take much. i usually use 0.1-0.2 cc on each side to define the angle of the mouth which makes the downturned mouth at rest become more horizontal (no joker lips here)”

Dr Lisa Donofrio says:

Injecion tips:  I like to make sure the area AROUND the lips is supported and full before filling the lip itself.  This avoids that “ducky” lipped looked.  I call my technique “airbrushing”  I use a long thin needle to fill from the upper nasolabial fold across to the philtrum.. This everts the upper lip more than it makes it stick out.  If there are any lip lines I like to fill them from underneath.  Then the border is “threaded” so that it is sharp and demarcated.  Same with the lower lip.”

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