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Posted by 12.12.09

PHOTO CREDIT: sephora.com

PHOTO CREDIT: sephora.com

On this second night of Hanukkah I’m hoping for a fabulous haul of lip plumpers.  Here at BITB there is no shortage of information regarding luscious lips, injectables, and the bevy of topical plumpers out there today.

The first plumping gloss to hit the market was DuWop Lip Venom.  I remember rushing out to buy it back in 2003, giddy with anticipation of a beauty adventure/science experiment.  Reasonable price?  Sure, $16.  Cute packaging?  Check!  Fuller lips?  Check!  Truth in advertising?  Um, yes.  Lip Venom actually feels sort of venomous.  It delivers “bee stung” lips with a combination of essential oils including cinnamon, wintergreen and ginger, increasing circulation in the lips.  Looks good, kinda hurts.  For ladies who want the look without the burn, DuWop developed Lip Venom 2nd Sin for a kinder, gentler plumper.  Caveat emptor: you pay a premium to ditch the sting, $27.

Too Faced Lip Injection is the best-selling lip plumper today.  Like Lip Venom, a plumper pout comes with a bit of a tingle, lasting about five minutes.  The result is up to 20% increased fullness lasting up to four hours per application.  Lip Injection can be applied then wiped off for a bare lip or matte lipstick application, or it can be layered with other products.  The gloss comes in Clear, Bronze and three shades of Pink, each available for $18.50.  Too Faced also makes Lip Injection Extreme, a product that promises long term effects with regular use.  Recommended application is 5-10 minutes daily, and a tube will set you back $27.50.

Finally, Dior, gold standard for all things fabulous, has entered the fray with Dior Addict Lip MaximizerDr. Neil Sadick, Dior’s Global Medical Advisor explains the magic behind the maximizer, which “contains a collagen active stimulating complex composed of hyaluronic acid and marine based fillers which have the ability to plump up the lip in a filler like fashion.”  If hyaluronic acid had a Facebook page, I would become a fan.  It delivers lasting hydration like nothing else, and in the case of Lip Maximizer, the proof is in the pout.  The initial tingle is more, “oh, this stuff is working,” than “ow,” and a light vanilla-mint scent leaves lips tasting as good as they look.  Lip Maximizer retails for $29.50.

Whether you’re playing Spin the Dreidel or Spin the Bottle, any of these options are fabulous bets for fuller lips.

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