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Posted by 03.04.09


BARE ESCENTUALS BUXOM LIPS –  I got this adorable kit of 4 Buxom glosses in a neat little box for my birthday – 17 yeah! All my friends know I love BE…..so they knew exactly what to get me. I have always wanted to try the Buxom line and these really work. They make your lips look HUGE! It also moisturizes with vitamins and antioxidants and other good stuff. My favorite shade is SUGAR – a sweet soft rosy pink that looks natural and adds some shimmer. I also got the Krystal one that didn’t come in the kit, which is a clear shine so you can use it over any lipgloss or lipstick, or on your bare lips to get the BUXOM effect. Now I am set to have totally gorgeous lips for a long time cause these last and last.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – These are $18 each, and tho you’re gonna wish you could buy all the new shades, start with one or drop some hints so somebody will get you the boxed set.


  1. needitbad Says:

    These are so amazing! Try the BUXOM MASCARA too.

  2. MWC Says:

    subtle….like a ton of bricks girl!

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