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All hair was not created equal, and there are some areas where girls just want a clean slate rather than a thick jungle. Thank goodness then for hair removal options, both professional and at-home varieties.

Lasers are the gold standard of hair removal and can be used on nearly every part of the body from face to legs to men’s chests. Complete elimination requires a series of 6 treatments spaced about 3 months apart. Prices range from roughly $200 to $1,500 per treatment, depending upon the area of the body, but package deals are usually available. Treatments are performed by doctors, nurses, estheticians or physician assistants depending upon the state.

Today, lasers can be used on all skin colors; however, hair color does make a difference. “Light hair is tricky,” explained Carissa McCormack, a New York licensed esthetician. “Lasers are basically a light that gets attracted and absorbed by color. The light is then converted to heat and destroys the bulb at the root of the hair, removing that hair forever.” The darker and coarser the hair, the better the result.

GentleMax by Candela is a versatile laser that can be used on all skin types and shades. It contains two powerful lasers to give maximum results with minimal risks. “GentleMax by Candela is the dermatologist’s go to device for laser hair removal. It is safe for most skin types and results are long lasting after a series of treatments,” said New Haven, CT Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Donofrio.

The bottom line: If you have the time and money (and right hair color), laser treatments will rid you forever from dealing with pesky hairs.

Since the advent of at home hair removers, women have rejoiced to know that the matters of removing hair lies within their own hands. So, is there a difference between taking care of hairy matters at home versus visiting the salon, med-spa or doctor’s office? Take a look at some of the hottest new options (gadgets not included):

Completely Bare Spa Bikini Wax Kit

Credit: CompletelyBare.com

Completely Bare Spa offers laser hair removal consultation services, and also sells depilatories for at home use. Founded by Cindy Barshop, the now national chain offers Brazilian bikini waxing in addition to the laser hair removal services, as well as its popular bikini treatment, which includes hair removal and a Swarovski crystal application. Since Completely Bare also sells strip waxes, at home hair removal treatments, as well as cute individual swarovski crystals, you may ask: what’s the difference between a salon service and an at-home treatment?

“Specifically for Completely Bare, the same wax is used in-salon and at-home,” said Barshop. “The difference is that if you’re trying to give yourself a Brazilian, go to the salon. I’d recommend going to a waxing specialist for those harder to reach areas.” Barshop also recommends salon visits for coarser hair. 

But visiting the salon is not always an option for some women, especially for those who like to take care of the little beauty routines themselves, and not shell out the money for professional services. Here are some “faux” services that perform quite optimally at home.

Shoba Waxing KitPhoto Credit: MyShoba.com

Shoba: This hair-removal boutique in New York is known for its sugaring kits (for both body and bikini) as well as its bump-free skin offerings and denim strips for at-home hair removal.  A must have product is the salon’s ingrown treatment lotion ($22), which has no color or fragrance, and is paraben free. This store is designed for the hipsters of hair removal, with edgy products and packaging.

The bottom line: You absolutely can get pro results from these products at home, and practice makes perfect.

nail brazilian spa clay treatmentPhoto Credit: Amazon.com

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Hair Removal Line: The new Spa Clay line from Nair features a Shower Power Hair Removal Cream ($9.99), a Roll-On Wax ($10.49) for legs and body with a water rinsable formula and reusable cloth strips, and a Sensitive Face Hair Removal Cream ($4.99) for the upper lip, chin and face.  I found the Sensitive Face Hair Removal Cream very effective but still a little harsh for really sensitive skin (my face became bright red after use) but a wee bit of moisturizing balm will do the trick to soothe the red.

The bottom line: You can get professional results with these products at home, but it’s important to not overdo it (read the instructions on the box and follow them to a tee).

Credit: Sephora.com

Bliss Poetic Waxing At-Home Hair Removal Kit ($48)  is basically the real deal – but at home. It was developed for use at Bliss Spas, and is considered the first effective safe at-home hair removal system. A tall claim? Maybe, but fans still clamor for this “Poetic Wax” in a cup (which you microwave) and the aromatherapy benefits too. The kit comes with a Waxing Oil and ingrown hair eliminating peeling pads, and is an elegant way to wax at home.

The bottom line: This at home depilatory kit is top notch. Who needs a salon when you have Poetic Waxing floating around? Plus, it’s convenient and portable.


Credit: Amazon.com

Hair Removal Gadgets: The beauty gadget market is growing, and hair removal seems to be on everyone’s minds, especially since they’re convenient and portable. Some hair removal gadgets include the extremely affordable Epilady, which offers a range of solutions for body and facial hair. Epilady was the first type of epilator that debuted in 1986 and the way it works is by grasping multiple hairs and pulling them out. Results last up to four weeks and are quite impressive, but you need to ask yourself if you can stand the pain of hair being pulled from the roots – even the shortest, finest hair.

Photo Credit: silkn.com

Others hair removal devices include the no! no! Hair, which uses Thermicon technology (heat rather than light) and that promises convenient and painless hair removal for about $270. The Tria Laser  is a sleek handheld wonder that retails for $395, and is the first device to give consumers the power of laser hair removal technology at home.  It’s also FDA approved, so you should feel safe using it. Flash & Go  by Silk’n, priced at $299, is another FDA-approved device for hair removal on face and body. It uses light energy to target hairs in even hard to reach places like the bikini line and upper lip.

The bottom line: If you’re averse to lotions and creams and all the at-home hair removal options (including the old fashioned razor), splurge on gadgets. The results are more long lasting and over time the hair growth will minimize, giving you similar results you’d experience in the salon.

But if you are in the market for salon services, a professional is just the ticket to more complicated procedures like the Brazilian. As Barshop said, “Beauty products are not the first things people would give up. Women typically gave up outings and dinners, as opposed to the products that improve the way they feel about their appearance.

If you are in California and are looking for some professional laser hair removal, pay a visit to Refresh MedSpa.


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