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07-14-17 | Posted by

It does seem like everyone and their mother is getting Botox, the neurotoxin used to temporarily improve the appearance of dynamic wrinkles on the face. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 2015 saw over 6.7 million Botox procedures performed and this is a number that is expected to continue to grow, the reason being that women as young as 24 are using it as a preventive measure against lines and wrinkles. Many of these younger women — called “Baby Botox’ers” — are going “under the needle” to satisfy their desire to look perfect on Social Media.

Before undergoing this treatment, it’s important to know that side effects with Botox (or other neurotoxin alternatives like Dysport and Xeomin) are always a possibility and could include headaches, bruising, pain at the injection site and even drooping eyelids or eyebrows, though these drooping lids or brows happen in less than 1% of cases and would return back to normal within a few months time.

Whether you’re in your mid-20s and thinking about using it for the first time or you’re 40-ish and a Botox virgin or you are older than that and wondering if it could still be right for you, you’ll appreciate this insight from Miami-based Dr. Leonard Hochstein, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and his Physician’s Assistant Jenya Titova.

  • Only get your Botox done at a reputable MedSpa or plastic surgeon’s office where you’ll have it administered by licensed professionals.
  • You can reduce possible bruising at the injection site, to do so, take arnica tablets starting two days prior to receiving your treatment.
  • If you are concerned about the pain of the injection, know that it feels like a small prick. It’s not deep like an injection at the doctor and the needles are smaller.
  • Botox is used in the upper face to treat forehead wrinkles, frown wrinkles and smile lines around the eyes, and it can also be used to correct some lower face and neck concerns.
  • The goal is to achieve a natural and unfrozen look, so you will want to get across that point to your doctor. For example, tell your doctor you would like to rid yourself of wrinkles or lift your brow area, but you do not want to compromise your ability to express yourself. Don’t get too much product administered. Instead, go gradual and keep things as natural as possible and you can always get more if needed.
  • Know how much you will be charged before your treatment by getting an estimate from your doctor. Some will charge based on the area being treated while others will charge you based on the amount of product being used. You can expect to pay more for doctors in major cities, especially with cosmetic surgeons who possibly treat celebrities and socialites.

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