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12-28-10 | Posted by


Retail sales enjoyed a long needed boost this holiday season, but when it comes to anti-aging beauty products, affluent women are still looking to cut costs, according to Prevention magazine’s 2010 annual “Defy Your Age” study.

Of the 1,500 women in the study, 27% said they look to pay less on products they already buy, 16% changed brands and 14% stopped using a product altogether due to cost.

Most women see a difference between eye cream, day cream and body cream brands, but fewer are willing to pay for a high priced product. Only 35% of the women surveyed said they would pay premium for eye cream, while 32% would pay top dollar for a day cream.

But being dollar savvy doesn’t stop women from desiring to look their very best. When it comes to instant products that address the signs of aging by “filling” or “freezing” wrinkles, 57% of the women surveyed said they are likely use such cosmetics.

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