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With so many years in this business I’ve collected quite an assortment of the most gorgeous nail polishes you could ever imagine, which gives my tween daughter some extra beauty cred when her friends come to call, and lots of bonding time between the two of us as well. It got me thinking…how cool would it be to stuff someone’s stocking sky high with every shade under the sun? I think VERY!

Here, some nail know-how and the perfect polishes to get you started:




  1. Never cut or file nails when wet as this is when they’re most prone to breaking.
  2. To flatter your hands, the shape of your nail should mimic your cuticle shape.
  3. Always use nail polish remover and a cotton-wrapped orange wood stick to clean off nails completely before applying your polish. It will prevent any oil residue from hand cream or makeup from causing your polish to peel prematurely.
  4. Prevent dry, stained nails by always using a base coat specifically formulated for your nail type before applying polish.
  5. Create your own version of the French Manicure by using unexpected colors.
  6. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Design your own signature shade by layering two different coats of polish.
  7. To make your mani last, re-apply your favorite top coat every day.
  8. To be sure nails are really dry, lightly touch your pinky nails together. If you can feel it slightly sticking, you need more drying time.
  9. You can fix a smudge by using the tip of another finger. Dab a tiny bit of nail polish remover over the smudge so the remover thins out the surrounding polish. Then, wait a minute and reapply a thin coat of color.
  10. Apply a bit of cuticle oil morning and evening to seal in moisture, keeping cuticles and nails hydrated and healthy.




Kryolan Nail Color in Magical ($13.50) is reminiscent of a deep night sky, more flattering for most than black and does actually feel magical. The professional quality, hardwearing and chip-resistant formula is available in 36 gorgeous shades.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Alchimie ($27) is the new neutral with a twist and will look as gorgeous on your vanity as it will on your nails.

Deborah Lippmann Magic Carpet Ride‘s ($20) limited edition polish isn’t described as an eccentric ebony glitter explosion for nothing!

Zoya Nail Polish in Margo ($9) is ultra long-wearing and the perfect cool, creamy plum for fingers and toes.

JINsoon Nail Polish in Heirloom ($18) has a retro chrome (think the paint job on a vintage car), rich-blue turquoise, high-shine finish.

Dior Vernis in Pandore ($25) applies and dries as smooth and shiny as glass, and the tech-advanced formula creates a seamless bond between the nail and the lacquer for extra long wear.

Hot Designs 2-in-1 Nail Art Pen ($10) has a nail polish on one side and a polish pen on the other, making it easy to create any design you could imagine. The packaging might not be up to par but this little beauty can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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