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03-21-12 | Posted by

Pretty as a candy cane, Stila One Step Correct ($36) is a primer, color-corrector, brightener and anti-aging skincare treatment all in one serum. The see-through packaging allows you to view the multi-colored and swirled product inside, described as a triple-swirled helix. Upon application, the serum color corrects, brightens and covers skin imperfections.

The three colors in the swirl – green, lavender and peach – each have their individual purpose. Green instantly neutralizes redness and conceals blemishes. Lavender corrects sallow undertones to create a more vivid complexion. Peach brightens and illuminates the skin while it helps lessen the appearance of dark spots.

In addition to the brightening benefits, One Step Correct contains an anti-aging complex to reduce the appearance of  fine lines, wrinkles, pores and pigmentation. It also hydrates, controls oil and improves overall skin texture.

Believe it or not, the creation of this product was the result of a dream by Stila product development manager, Sam Cutler. While sleeping, she envisioned speaking with a gentleman with a very red face. He told her that he used powder in shades of lavender, green and peach to reduce the redness and even out his skin tone. In her dream, Sam imagined the “swirl technology” used in One Step Correct. After several permutations with a lab, One Step Correct was born.

One Step Correct can be used as a primer or alone to create a more even toned complexion. Its weightless formulation also soothes and cools the skin.

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