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10-19-10 | Posted by

Before and after the Pellevé treatment.

The beauty world is buzzing about Pellevé, a non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment that uses radio frequency to stimulate collagen production.  Given the opportunity to try it myself, I pounced.  The day before my appointment, I excitedly read about the treatment in the latest issue of Marie Claire, where it was lauded as a vanguard approach in anti-aging strategies.

Upon arrival at Dr. Steven Dayan’s Chicago offices, I was greeted by Selika Borst, RN, who brought me up to speed on Pellevé.  For women who are starting to notice fine lines and skin laxity but aren’t necessarily ready for a needle or a knife, Pellevé can yield natural, enduring results, particularly around the jowls, nasolabial folds, eyes and forehead.  A wand heats the surface of the skin and sends radio waves deep below its surface, encouraging Mother Nature’s collagen factory to shift into high gear.  I could definitely use the help, but being a little gun-shy about neurotoxins and fillers I fell in love with the idea of working with what I have.

Selika analyzed my face and we concurred that the lower part of my face looked pretty good but I could use a boost around the eyes and forehead.  As she applied a cooling gel, Selika explained that she would be dividing the area into four quadrants.  I was told that the heat should feel like an 8 on a 1-10 scale for maximum efficacy while maintaining my comfort and safety.  As she worked the wand over each area I imagined her ironing out my fine lines.  It was fast, painless, even relaxing.  I was a little pink at the end of the treatment but it subsided within a few hours.

One of the most exciting things about Pellevé is how the natural results emerge for a subtle and beautiful effect.  In the days and weeks after a treatment, all of that medical magic takes place far below the skin’s surface, so a patient looks youthful and well-rested, but nobody will ever wonder if she had something “done.”  I immediately noticed an improvement in the appearance of my skin, and it keeps getting better.  As the mom of a toddler and infant twins everyone expects me to look like I’ve been through a war, so it’s nice to hear that I look healthy and well-rested.  I’m just letting them believe that my children are perfect and my life is touched, but the truth is that half an hour of Pellevé has helped to restore the youth and beauty that everyone warned would be stolen by my girls.

Conventional wisdom used to dictate that if a beauty treatment sounded too good to be true then it likely was.  With the emergence of new technologies and approaches, this is no longer the case, and the promise of painless, non-invasive procedures with great results is a reality.  A single Pellevé treatment at Dr. Dayan’s office is $700, or patients can sign on for two treatments at $1,000, which provides a year of gorgeous results for about $84 a month and two quick office visits.  That’s a compelling proposition to any busy woman who wants to look her best.

Find a Pelleve Doctor www.pelleve.com

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