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We knew that gold and silver are good for your pocketbook but what about your complexion? Shades of gold, silver and copper have long been staples of color cosmetics counters, but now precious metals and trace elements are appearing in everything from makeup to skincare. Check out our picks to up the ante on your beauty portfolio.


Known for its energizing properties, gold is one of the key ingredients in luxury skincare like La Prairie’s Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold ($580). Obviously opulent and luxurious, this concentrate is the brand’s gold standard of anti-aging that features 24-karat gold as well as newly developed peptides.

For that touch of gold in your makeup, there is L’or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Make-up Base ($71) from Guerlain. Applied to bare skin, this 24-karat gold infused cooling gel sinks into the skin, retaining moisture and tightening facial features to create the perfect canvass for makeup application.

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The shimmering 24-Karat Gold Dust powder ($12.50) from Jane Iredale contains 24-karat gold flakes that glisten in candlelight and catch the glow of the sun. The seven available shades include gold, bronze and silver, which all glide on the skin like silk because of the high percentage of gold. Brush a bit of 24-Karat Gold Dust on your face, shoulders, décolletage, and even through your hair for added glam. In addition to being energizing, gold is considered to be uplifting, enhancing the glam and glimmer benefits.


Silver appears in more than just jewelry these days. Cor Silver Anytime Moisturiser ($120) and Eye Cream ($115) features nano-silver technology that delivers brightening, rejuvenating and smoothing benefits. The technology increases oxygen flow to the skin, fends of bacteria and heals. In addition, the moisturizer and eye cream create a Botox like effect, boosting the skin and giving an instant lifted appearance.


The benefits of copper in skincare have become practically legend with a number of MD dispensed and department store brands touting the firming and repairing qualities of the metal.

Photo Credit: www.dermstore.com

Reportedly, the first clinical skincare company to include Copper Peptide Complex technology in products addressing photo-aging, Neova treatments help to visibly repair skin prematurely aged by the sun and environment. Its Crème De La Copper ($110) is an intensely moisturizing formula that provides immediate relief to dry aging skin, while fighting signs of photo-damage like wrinkles and brown spots.

A beauty editors’ favorite, Blue Copper 5 cream from Osmotics offers firming, elasticity repair and radiance enhancement benefits. The copper technology promotes firmer, healthier younger looking skin. In addition, it improves the tone of the skin by calming the appearance of redness and irritation associated with Rosacea, peels and dermal procedures.

For a refreshing take on copper, try Chella Skin Care Hydrating Tonic Mineralizing Mist with Amino Acids ($35) a spray that sets your makeup, while it awakens your skin. A tri-amino complex promotes collagen and revitalize and hydrate the skin. Allantoin and copper combine to firm and improve elasticity.

Copper even is used to treat acne. It, along with zinc is one of the key ingredients in Ole Henriksen‘s Blemish Attach Purifying Mask ($32), a reparative, anti-inflammatory mask that also contains salicylic acid.


The fourth most abundant mineral found in the body, magnesium is essential to good health, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the beauty makers. Pevonia Botanica features magnesium in Radiance Lightening Gel ($51), where it is part of a blend that targets skin hyperpigmentation.

Photo Credit: www.sephora.com

Laura Mercier employs the smoothing qualities of magnesium in Mineral Pressed Powder 15 ($35), a natural pressed powder that provides sheer-to-full coverage in eight shades.

A multi-tasker, magnesium’s gentle resurfacing benefits are put to work in Lorac MakeupPrep ($32), a gentle buffing cream that leaves skin feeling polished and clear. Use it to remove dull skin to create a smooth surface to apply makeup like a pro.


Photo Credit: www.shoplaprairie.com

Platinum, one of the rarest metals on earth, takes center stage in La Prairie’s Platinum Collection. For those of you who are really flush, check out the collection’s Cellular Cream Platinum Rare ($650), an all inclusive anti-aging compound that guards cellular DNA and helps prevent damage that can result in accelerated skin aging. The platinum also helps to recharge the skin’s electrical balance, which improves its absorption of beneficial nutrients.


Whether you are interested in prospecting for fields of gold, silver, copper or more, skincare and makeup options are there for the taking.


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