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01-23-12 | Posted by

Sometimes what old is new again. That’s why BITB would like to reintroduce our readers to the wonders of Pitera, a yeast derivative discovered in a Japanese saké brewery and the signature ingredient in the effective and lovely SK-II line of skincare.

The story behind Pitera is that about 30 years ago, a scientist noticed that the hands of people working at a saké brewery looked beautiful and young, despite their advanced age. This was the beginning of a scientific investigation that led to the discovery of Pitera.

A fusion of vitamins, amino acids, mineral and organic acids, Pitera helps skin rejuvenate surface cells, creating clearer and smoother skin with continued use.

It’s also a natural hydrator, making Pitera a great antidote to the drying effects of cold weather. Skin can actually suffer a great deal of stress during wintertime, getting dehydrated as the result of wind and drying central heating. One way to get a direct dose of the magic Pitera is via the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. SK-II launched the mask in 1981 and since then women around the world have experienced its instant benefits.

The mask is made from 100% cotton, which is specifically designed to allow maximum moisture to penetrate deep into the skin. Studies have shown that the mask delivers the equivalent of 10 times the product of SK-II’s signature product, Facial Treatment Essence. The mask molds closely to the contours of the face, allowing for maximum penetration to the skin.

It takes only 10-15 minutes for the mask deliver its hydrating and pampering effects. Available at Saks Fifth Avenue and select specialty retailers nationwide, SK-II Facial Treatment Mask can also be purchased at www.shop.sk-ii.comsk-ii.com.

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