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Photo Credit: sephora.com

Posted by 11.08.10


I am a self admitted sucker for problem/solution products, so when I came across Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat at Sephora, it sounded like it could be "Perfect"  for me. Developed by someone called Shari Gottesman, Pink Gel Coat promises to strengthen and harden brittle nails and add a touch of lustrous pinky tone that would surely make my nailbeds look whiter, so I was  intrigued. At $30 it took some convincing but my nails tend to crack and peel from hours on a keyboard and shuffling papers so it was worth the spend to me. When you call your product "Perfect" you are really setting yourself up for some critiques if it doesn't perform as promised.  

I cannot recall the last time I spent $30 on a nail varnish - surely not in recent history.  My favorite Dior shade is only $21, Chanel comes in at $23, and glorious Illamasqua which is fabulous is a mere $14 for a bottle of lasting color. The packaging leaves much to be desired - in fact, the clear test tube shaped bottle and little black twist top looks like an exact replica of the cult classic Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (which costs a whopping $4 at any drugstore...).  I am one of those beauty buyers who will spend dearly IF and only IF a product delivers on a promise or targets one of my unmet needs. Sadly, although Pink Gel Coat is a reasonably good nail hardener although not outstanding, and the glowy pink shade is pretty enough at first, by Day 3 it didn't rock my world. The "Gel" phrase in the name is a misnomer, as it conjures up the idea that somehow this miracle coating can duplicate professional gel nail application results. I cannot quite justify the $30 price tag to myself or anyone else for that matter. For $10, I might buy this again, but for $30, I would rather go and have 2 manicures at a Manhattan salon of my choice. Perfect Formula also has a clear Gel Coat ($29) and a Daily Moisture conditioner ($29) in case you are interested in splurging.



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