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07-17-13 | Posted by

Sometimes even a beauty snob needs a bargain. Enter ZendyPlace, a new online portal that allows you to submit a bid for non-surgical aesthetic procedures like laser treatments, facials, Botox and fillers, and body sculpting. Think Priceline for the beauty set.

Many laser, spa, and aesthetic treatment centers, as well as plastic surgeons and dermatologists place offers on deal sites like Gilt, Groupon, or Priceline. Now instead of surfing the net, you can go to one place to find cosmetic treatments at the right price.

The way it works is you simply go online and pick the region you live in, what treatment you desire, and how much your want to pay. You can even specify the brand name of the injectable you prefer. ZendyPlace works with providers across the country, so you can place a bid from anywhere in the US.

ZendyPlace.com services major metropolitan centers nationwide. If we do not have a board certified provider in your area, we will find one within 48 hours,” said founder Vish Banthia, MD, FACS, a double board certified surgeon.

Available services include wrinkle relaxers (Botox et al), dermal fillers, laser skin correction, skin maintenance, non-surgical facelift, laser hair reduction, non-surgical body sculpting, vein treatment, acne control and scar treatment, and laser tattoo removal.

Within minutes or a couple of hours after placing your bid, you will receive a response from ZendyPlace. If no provider steps up to the plate and matches your offer within two business days, your offer will be closed.

Flexibility and timing are of the essence with this service. When you place your offer, you can indicate the day or week you want a treatment, but not the time. The providers offer great discounts because they have immediate openings in their schedule that they want to fill. It’s a win-win for all involved.

In order for a cosmetic center or clinic to qualify as a ZendyPlace provider, the facility must have a board certified medical director, a minimal 4-star rating on RealSelf or other healthcare-related rating sites, and use FDA-approved products or devices.

There is absolutely no cost to the consumer until your bid is matched, and there are no additional charges. You can even cancel your appointment within 24 hours of when your offer is matched.

Forget the casinos, ZendyPlace is a gamble that really pays off.



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