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Posted by 02.27.09


PH ADVANTAGE MICRODERMABRASION GEL –  This range is so packed with products that it overwhelms most beauty buyers.  I got this for my daughter-in-law who has oily skin as a treat. Picked it up at Sephora where the attendant swore up and down it was the best thing in the store. It is a gel formula with teeny beads that are supposed to exfoliate the gunk off your skin and it comes in a pretty ordinary white plastic tube. She used it once and complained that it dried her skin out.  After a few weeks of occasional use, the writing on the tube started to wear off which didn’t give me confidence that this was good quality at all.

FINAL VERDICT – ICW (It Can Wait) – Looks and feel liks a drugstore brand to me – and $55 is so overpriced for this. Never again.

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