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03-24-14 | Posted by

Peter Thomas Roth’s wand-like Neuroliquid Volufill Youth Eye Serum is one advertisement that you’ll be eager to pause, rewind, and playback. The benefits of using this lightweight serum, dispensed in a cooling metal tip, not unlike Clinique Lid Smoothies, are quite plentiful: it aims to improve the fullness of the eyes, and help crepiness, dark circles, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

It also contains 19 amino acids that help stimulate collagen production. In a six-week, 32- participant clinical study, 93.8% saw immediate reduction in appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

While I am lucky enough not to have too many wrinkles under my eyes, I did notice immediate benefits in my puffiness and dark circles, and the hollow area under my eyes improved after using this daily on a consistent basis (following my cleanser and moisturizer) for a week. Add to this, the portable convenience of a sleek wand; a benefit because it’s a very handy travel companion and can double as a light saber just in case.

You can also glide the tip on the upper lid and treat that area as well. The formula contains Chlorellagen DP, a microalgae extract that helps to firm, tone, and improve the appearance of redness/darkness in the under eye area, as well as Pinoxide. Antioxidants help with skin’s radiance and luminosity.

For $85, this is not a terribly expensive investment. Over the years, I have come to regard Peter Thomas Roth debuts as staples in my medicine cabinet (these include the brand’s BB cream, and the fantastic Oilless Oil). The NeuroLiquid Eye Serum also snagged a “Good Housekeeping Award.”

This product is one to keep.

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