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Lots of things claim to be full proof but rarely are. Enter per-fékt beauty products, touted as multi-functional alternatives to traditional makeup. You don’t have to be a makeup artist pro to use these little gems. Just apply with your fingers to get an instant airbrushed look.

Launched in 2005 by cosmetic company executive Richard Anderson, per-fékt’s first product to launch was per-fékt skin perfection gel ($57.50). “Women kept telling me how they don’t have time for all the steps needed to apply makeup,” says Richard. They also told him how much they “hate foundation.”

The result is a gel-mousse formula, infused with sheer color pigments and antioxidants that glides on effortlessly to instantly improve skin tone, help maintain hydration, protect against free radical damage, and reduce the appearance of redness, enlarged pores, fine lines and oiliness. The gel goes on smoothly and makes the skin appear radiant as well as feel flawless. “Skin perfection gel doesn’t cover, it perfects,” says Richard. “It also retexturizes the surface of the skin.”

The formula is buildable and should be applied using a patting motion. It offers light coverage, so dark spots or scars probably won’t disappear. But don’t worry, the gel is formulated to be used in concert with foundation if more coverage is desired. Available in clear as well as four tinted versions, skin perfection gel can also give a bronzed or sculpted look when a contrasting shade is used.

Luckily, per-fekt beauty doesn’t stop with just the face gel. The brand also offers body, cheek, brow and eye perfection gels, as well as the soon to be launched lash and lip perfection gels.

I’m particularly keen on per-fékt cheek perfection gel ($28). Available in two shades, blushed (a sheer, natural rosy flush) or bronzed (a sheer, natural tan), the cheek gel perks up the cheeks with a natural matte finish. Again, no brushes, sponges or makeup artist required, just your fingers. The gel is a wonderful alternative to cream or powder blushes or bronzers, which often look overdone. Amazingly, cheek perfection gel does give the illusion of naturally high, chiseled cheekbones with no expert skill needed.

Pe-fékt beauty products are great for any woman in a rush and who isn’t. They are available in the U.S. at Sephora, Henri Bendel and Fred Segal in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Regularly featured on QVC, they also can be purchased at www.perfektbeauty.com.

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