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The wine was flowing, but members of the media were too enraptured with New York City dermatologist Dr, Ron M. Shelton’s presentation on how to erase wrinkles without surgery to discern whether a Chardonnay was oakey, acidic, floral, or fruity.

Shelton opened his Manhattan office – The New York Aesthetic Consultant – after hours to discuss why he is so pumped up about Pellevé. To sweeten the pot and the palate, he also invited Wine Diva, Christine Ansbacher, for some basic wine and food pairing tips. If you hadn’t heard about Pelleve yet, you will soon as beauty bloggers and journalists alike took copious notes throughout the presentation (while sipping their Pinot of course).

Dr. Ron Shelton Discusses Pelleve

The Wine Diva with Dr. Shelton

Pellevé uses radiofrequency energy to target the skin’s deeper layers—the places where collagen and elastin are produced. These are the main proteins charged with giving our skin its youthful qualities. Both collagen and elastin are often in short supply with advancing age, but Pellevé’s RF energy causes them to tighten and contract, which short-circuits wrinkles and tightens skin—without any downtime.

Pelleve falls into the category of non-invasive treatments and media darlings called “lunchtime lifts,” as you can return to normal activities as soon as the treatment is finished and no one would be able to guess how you spent your lunch break.

Afternoon Delight

Pellevé, however, is more of an afternoon delight. Not only is it painless, it actually feels good. After Pellevé, you will look immediately brighter and probably wouldn’t want to return to the office. She’d be better off attending a social event or going on a hot date. In fact, Shelton’s medical aesthetician Gita Gabriel introduced one of her Pelleve patients to the crowd. Kathy, a good looking 40-something year old working mom wowed us with her smooth skin and genuine enthusiasm for the treatment. “I’ll be going home after this to my husband and he will have no idea that I just had a little something done to my face in front of a whole crowd.”

Beside the long-term benefits of increased collagen, reduced wrinkling, and tighter skin, Pellevê also provides some instant perks. A mild swelling boosts blood flow and plumps up the skin. These instant firming results also get better over the next few months, leaving something else to look forward to.

Still, Pellevé is not a one-hit wonder. Three or four treatments are needed to see the full court tightening effect. Shelton suggests scheduling these treatments three weeks apart with a booster at the 6-month mark. Any collagen produced has a long shelf life, but Pellevé can’t stop the aging process – it can only slow it down. These treatments put you ahead of the collagen curve, which means our supply exceeds demand.

According to Shelton, the ideal Pellevé candidates are age 35 to 60, on average, with mild-to-moderate skin sagging of the lower face and fine lines around the eyes. If you have more severe sun damage, very deep-set wrinkles, and more advanced sagging may need to skip the Pellevé and opt for some bigger guns, which fortunately there are many of.



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