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Meet the Pioneer Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lorenc is considered a front runner in the development of the new generation of dermal fillers.  As a leading authority in facial anatomy, he was principle investigator on the Evolence U.S. pivotal study, as well as the sole aesthetic plastic surgeon involved in clinical research for Restylane.  In fact, he led the team of experts who presented to the FDA Advisory Panel in 2003 before Restylane was approved to go to market.  He is also owner of a patent for a unique endoscopic browlift device.  Dr. Lorenc is currently leading clinical trials for Nuvance, a mesh facelift technique.  Given his cutting edge credentials, it is fitting that Dr. Lorenc is Course Chairman of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: The Next Generation Symposium, which will be held for the second year in New York, November 19-21, 2010, at the Waldorf Astoria.  Dr. Lorenc is an avid collector of moderm art (his favorite is Man Ray), much of which adorns his home and Park Avenue office.


In the last few decades, how has the field of aesthetic plastic surgery evolved?

There has been a tremendous shift toward less invasive, minimal down time type of rejuvenative procedures.  Also, the trend is towards non-hospital based facilities (87%), and with the advent of anesthesia agents that are quickly metabolized, patients are routinely operated on in an ambulatory fashion.

Have you seen a change in the patients that come in to be treated?

Today we are gearing our practice and services toward helping to prevent aging in younger patients, as evidenced by the fact that 47% of surgeries are now in the 35-50 age group.  This was not the case in the 1980’s and 1990’s when the patients were typically in their 60’s.  Today it is all about prevention and maintenance and much less about correction.

You treat local patients and many also travel great distances to benefit from your surgical expertise.  What procedures have been the most popular?

A significant portion of my practice is neuromodulator and filler based.  Laser lipolysis has also become a large part of my practice.  The fact that it can be done under local anesthesia is very attractive to patients.

You recently presented at the 2009 APSSNY Symposium about delaying the aging process in the décolleté area.  What does this treatment consist of, who is a candidate, and how long do outcomes last?

The treatment consists of injecting a very dilute solution of Sculptra and Lidocaine into the décolleté area.  Any patient that has fine lines of the décolleté is a candidate.  The injection may have to be repeated in 4-6 weeks depending on the severity.  Results last about 2 years, but are also patient dependent.  Any woman who shows signs of sun damage or aging may be a candidate.

In advance of next year’s Symposium, what are some anti-aging and surgical trends that you’re seeing? What can we anticipate learning about next year?

Not only will I continue to focus on the latest minimally invasive rejuvenative therapies available, but the very important issues of anti-aging hormonal therapies will also be discussed.

Today, you’re able to help patients who want to slim down without putting them under general anesthesia. What are some techniques that enable you to do this?

Laser lipolysis using SmoothLipo is routinely performed using local anesthesia.  In my office we use SmoothShapes for the thighs, abdomen and the buttocks.  Anyone who has cellulite is a candidate.  Patients are routinely very pleased with the outcomes, but it requires a commitment to a series of therapy sessions in my office.

Word is that you are able to create natural outcomes while delaying the aging process for patients who may not want to go under the knife by using fillers.  Tell us which fillers and toxins make this possible?

It’s all about technique, about filler selection, experience and more experience.  I use eight different fillers and two different neuromodulators in my practice.  Very frequently, in one patient I will inject two or three different fillers and two different neuromodulators in one sitting to get a great result.  Again, it’s all about the experience.

What do you like about Sculptra?

I don’t like Sculptra, I love Sculptra.  It is a very unique volumizing agent.  It work by a very different mechanism than all the other agents. It lasts about two years.  Anyone who needs an area to be “volumized” or the skin to be “modulated” is a candidate for Sculptra injection.

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