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05-23-12 | Posted by

True luxury and organic ingredients meet in the new Absolis Iris Wood Body Duo from French skincare company Patyka. Featuring the soothing benefits of the iris flower, roots and stems, the Body Duo cleanses and soothes.

Iris Wood Body Wash ($45) is a silky foam that is formulated to awaken and invigorate while it cleans without drying out the skin. It is scented with iris wood – a rare ingredient used in perfumery to invoke a sense of optimism.

Iris Wood Body Cream ($60) lushly moisturizes the skin with a rich yet quick-absorbing formulation that contains the nourishing and soothing benefits of iris butter – a distillation made from the roots of the plant. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

Using these products together offers a rich and sensuous experience. Even better, they are made with organic ingredients sourced from around the world with a commitment to fair trade. In addition, the products have been certified by ECOCERT, an organic certification organization based in France that conducts inspections in over 80 countries.

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