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Meet the Parisian Phytotherapist

Before bringing the Sampar brand to life, Patrick Sounigo studied medicine at the Cochin Hospital in Paris and later worked alongside Dr. Jean Valnet, the “father of aromatherapy.” This turning point convinced Patrick to make aromatherapy and phytotherapy his professional focus. His work in Europe focuses on research and development of skincare using natural components. As a brand, Sampar takes pride in its packaging as well as what goes into its bottles, avoiding wide mouthed jars in favor of airless pumps to protect active ingredients in each formulation.


What is phytoaromatics and how have you incorporated it into Sampar?

Phytoaromatics is an association between phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Phytotherapy relies on the use of plants, either whole or in the form of prepared extracts and essences to determine their properties, and the careful application of plants to treat medical problems. Aromatherapy uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person’s mood, cognitive function or health.

Essential oils are fragrant oils extracted from plants whose aromas have curative effects depending on the ailment. Essential oils are naturally intelligent plant extracts that act as the immunity defense of plants. The harder the environmental conditions are, the stronger the plants defenses and essential oils are as a result. Within a half hour of application of skin care with essential oils, the oils penetrate the blood stream. These fast-acting materials are very volatile and help our products to have immediately visible results.

SAMPAR’s product research and development combines the best of two worlds, that of phytoaromatics and high tech actives in order to obtain the most modern and innovative formulations. The essentials oils act as the key to open the door and accelerate the penetration of the high tech actives. This synergy that SAMPAR has created results in skin care products with a higher level of performance.

What is your brand philosophy?

Our brand philosophy is based around the idea that there are many harmful factors in the environment that place the intelligent beauty of the skin in hibernation. As a pioneer of urban cosmetics, we created Urban Advance, which is a natural high-tech innovation and powerful alliance of 3 actives to provide a genuine “cellular shock” for the skin. The synergy between the actives of shea butter serum, mint endorphin, and probiotic sugar provokes the metabolic skin trigger, which wakes up the original beauty of the skin from hibernation.  Urban Advance enhances the efficiency of SAMPAR’s actives specially designed to work in depth at the heart of the cells.  SAMPAR has countered the march of time using a high tech and natural formula that amazes with its astounding efficacy.  

Tell us about your practical experience with “father of aromatherapy,” Dr. Jean Valnet.

The idea of aromatherapy and the use of plants for their therapeutic value dates thousands of years back.  Dr. Jean Valnet was revolutionary in the field of aromatherapy because he studied and wrote about it in a manner that is understandable by all and backs his claims with precise studies. He was first intrigued by the idea of using plants for medicine as a young boy, but it wasn’t until he became an army surgeon that he saw how powerful aromatherapy was while treating wounded soldiers. Dr. Valnet was the first to understand that there is a specific dosage and association in regards to each essential oil to treat medical problems.

After I chose to dedicate myself to innovative skincare I discovered aromatherapy and had an extremely influential learning experience during the two years I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Jean Valnet. This was a crucial turning point for me as I began to understand the efficacy of essential oils in the medicinal world and how I could form different combinations of fragrant oils resulting in effective antibacterial skin care products.

For example, when you look at our Prodigal Pen, I carefully selected the combination of 8 essential oils that would be the most effective for treating blemishes and reducing redness. Each essential oil corresponds to a treatment, but when they are combined they result in a stronger overall product. The essential oils of sage, lavender, savory and thyme have strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties; the essential oils of cinnamon, oregano, rosemary and clove have strong anti-infectious properties; not to mention that each essential oil has different individual therapeutic values.

The ingredients of all of our products have been carefully chosen to perform to their highest ability and produce stunning results. The hands-on experience that I had in the laboratory of Dr. Jean Valnet continues to influence my decisions today as SAMPAR strives to provide the best for its clients.

Packaging is so important to your brand…

The philosophy of SAMPAR goes far further than just high quality products. The value and benefits drawn from SAMPAR are dramatically increased by the high tech packaging used.

Revolutionary airless jars are used throughout the brand, ensuring that the consumer can use 100% of the product and guaranteeing product efficiency without contamination to the last drop. Our high tech packaging is revolutionary within the cosmetics industry. The packaging is attractive and pleasing to the eye and stands out among other brands on a shelf.

Whenever we are developing a product we try to find the most innovative applicator for dispensing the product. The method of application is very important to distribute the product evenly and provide the most rapid penetration of the ingredients.  Overall, we strive to have packaging that represents the high quality of the product we have created and remain on the cutting edge of the market.

What does the Parisian influence mean to Sampar?

Paris is a vibrant city of class, sophistication and dynamism. It remains timeless and never loses its allure, just as SAMPAR continues to stay true to its philosophy while providing skin care solutions for present day.

What makes Paris the wonder it is, and the reason that people are drawn to it year after year, is the relationship between the past and the present within the city. Take for example the Louvre, with its buildings dating from the 12TH century, and the incorporation of the IM Pei’s glass pyramid, which draws a line between history and modernity, connecting the two worlds. It is this link that we use in our skin care products. By combining phytoaromatics with high tech active ingredients, we are able to reach a higher level of efficiency with this synergy.

Along with the city, the beauty and the elegance of the Parisian inspire SAMPAR.  Versatile and unique, the SAMPAR woman loves her city and its surroundings. From the windows and the bright lights lining the streets, the parks full of trees, to the bustling café terraces, she loves it all. Independent, she carries herself with elegance.  Within her cosmetic bubble nothing can affect the radiance of her skin or the youthfulness of her face.  The SAMPAR woman knows she will be beautiful everyday, at every moment, for years to come.

SAMPAR will forever be inspired by Paris and its citizens.

What are your star products?

  • Equalizing Foam Peel, a twice a week foaming and cleansing peel treatment
  • Eye Rule, less bags, less wrinkles with the anti-aging genie in a roll-on
  • Prodigal Pen, a miniature blemish and pimple reducing pen with 8 essential oils
  • Vivid Radiance Serum, a day and night serum that stimulates the skin to stay young Nocturnal Line-up Mask, first nighttime youthful recovery mask

Which products can’t you live without, personally?

I cleanse my face daily with the Urban Express Mousse, which is a light mousse that detoxifies and leaves my skin feeling fresh. The Equalizing Foam Peel is a stunning product that I use it to exfoliate twice a week and it keeps my skin balanced and clear of pollution.  I use the Eye Rule daily to keep my eye contour looking refreshed and clear of wrinkles. I apply the Vivid Radiance Serum to prepare my skin for moisturization and help clear wrinkles. For any blemishes that appear on my face I use the Prodigal Pen, which has an incredible blend of essential oils that clear and soothe redness instantly.

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