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Posted by 10.22.08



LOREAL INFALLIBLE LIP COLOR – This reminds me of the glamour of the 1930s… It comes neatly packaged in a sleek shiny silver case, smaller thana credit card.TWA tested it on her perfect supple teenage lips My mom is jealous – hers are plumped up with Restylane and they still don’t look as good!). Being a pro with all things mechanical,she quickly got the fact that it’s a 2 step system – first the color gloss which comes with a neat little mini sponge tip applicator; then the sealer goes on and you’re good to go. And conveniently, the package also doubles as a mirror; somake sure you check those pearly whites forlipstick marks before flirting with the cuteguy sittingnext to you at Starbucks! We tried Cerise�a gorgeous sultry deep red reminiscent of Bette Davis that is far more suited for Beyonce or Queen Latifah thanmilk-white skin toned gals. But boy is infallible right! I couldn’t get the stuff off! Even the next morning, she still had a slight cerise tint.

FINAL VERDICT: (ICW) It Can Wait. LOreal gets an A+ for design and ingenuity… The only trouble is that if you take this out in mixed company, it looks oddly like a cigarette lighter. Hey, gotta light?

6 Responses to “PAINT IT CERISE”

  1. VOTEOBAMA Says:

    Sounds awful – I think Ill skip this one. I dont like dark lips anyway. That makes you look older.

  2. Jessica Says:

    I came here by accident, but like it

  3. Rick Morton Says:

    good luck

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  6. Trikke Says:

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